Ethiopia’s manufacturing industries registering auspicious outcomes: MoI

ADDIS ABABA – Propelling the national initiative, the manufacturing industries in Ethiopia have been setting example of coming up with promising and standard products, the Ministry of Industry (MoI) said.

MoI Minister Melaku Alebel made the above remark to local media in connection with the recently held “Let Ethiopia produce” initiative 10 KM street run.

Giving prime attention to the initiative, the minister pointed out that the manufacturing industry has been managing to curtail core dragging bottlenecks such as electric, financial, input, land supply among many others.

He said: “It (the movement” also strengthen and smoothen the cooperation between various stakeholders and institutions that are backing manufacturing industries. And, it has been contributing a lot to reshape the sector through streamlined strategy and policy frameworks.

Mentioning the minimal rate of annual budget allocation to the sector, the minister emphasized that the government has decided to redouble the amount with a view of invigorating the sector.

The ministry is also preparing channels of events and expos that are believed to foster the initiative and promote the products of the manufacturing industry. Industrial parks are currently manufacturing brand sporting textile products, thus, securing more forex.

Indeed, expos are also vital platforms to display hidden talents in athletics, promote the capacity of manufacturing sector and productivity in a meaningful manner to glitch the deep-rooted problems of the sector, he underscored.

The initiative has helped the industries to resume production, Melaku added.

Moreover, he expressed his ministry’s firm commitment to providing the necessary support to bring about a vibrant and influential manufacturing industry in the years to come.

Melaku has called on the government, media and other actors to exert their well-articulated support to the sector to play its huge role in job creation, export, fostering import substitution that help realize the nation’s economic development aspirations.

It is to be recalled that the initiative dubbed “Let Ethiopia produce”, which is a national manufacturing industry movement, was launched in May 2022 with the aim of accelerating competitiveness of the sector.



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