Further strengthening multilateralism

The third session of Ethiopia’s BRICS+ Senior Officials’ Technical Committee meeting took place last Thursday, 11 April 2024 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to information obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs social media site, senior officials, drawn from various government institutions, reviewed the proposal for Ethiopia’s draft BRICS engagement strategy; and the levels of participation of Ethiopian institutions in the BRICS+ activities.

The Technical Committee also deliberated on ways to speed up Ethiopia’s smooth integration into the BRICS arrangements, advance nation’s national interest, and contribute to the consolidation of the BRICS+ platform.

Ethiopia has had a strong aspiration to join the BRICS alliance and be part of the economic bloc with the aim to diversify its economic partnerships, protect its own interest in the global realm, enhance mutual benefits and multilateral relations, expand economic cooperation and solidify its relationship with the other member states thereby expanding its influence in the international stage.

With this in mind, the country has been exerting a lot of energy, including diplomatic efforts, to make its aspiration a success. Accordingly, its request to join the bloc has borne fruit and it has been accepted to be a full member of the bloc at the 15th BRICS Summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa, after meeting all the set requirements.

It goes without saying that Ethiopia is regarded as a representative of African countries. It is also a country serving as a voice for Africa on global forum under the spirit of Pan-Africanism. In a number of platforms where the issues of Africa and Africans have been entertained, Ethiopia has always been at the frontline in amplifying the voice of African countries and promoting their interests.

Just to mention, issues related to climate change, health, peace and security challenges, shared prosperity have been some of the top agendas that Ethiopia champions in the global platforms. In this regard, Ethiopia’s presence in the bloc helps to work closely with some of the major world powers, magnify and address the challenges of African countries.

In similar ways to this, it is absolutely necessary to reinforce continental integration, boost Africa’s economic growth, strengthen Pan-African aspiration and contribute meaningfully to realize the aspiration of the African Union’s sustainable development goals – Agenda 2063.

On the other hand, the entry of Ethiopia to the BRICS bloc will bring about additional potential and reciprocal benefits for member countries in a number of ways. Among other things, the strategic importance of Ethiopia- located at close distance from Europe, the Middle East and Asian markets- being a country blessed with abundant natural resources coupled with its large population and becoming one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, creates additional potential for BRICS countries.

What is more, the industrial parks that have been constructed across the country and the Abbay Hydro Dam are also the other potentials that present bounteous prospects for BRICS+ nations.

Ethiopia believes that being a member of the BRICS+ bloc will have give-and-take benefits for all. As it was stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ethiopia’s BRICS membership is part of its determination to expand the economic opportunities to propel its economic growth and contribute to further strengthening multilateralism. For this reason, the country will remain committed and work actively in implementing the BRICS strategy for economic partnership.



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