A deserved member  to empower women

Possible solutions are now continentally and globally framed as lack of access to education and employment, gender-based violence, poverty and the likes have severely been baffling women in developing countries in particular and throughout the universe in general.

Unequivocally, women’s empowerment can have a range of positive impacts on their lives, including improved economic opportunities, increased political participation, and greater gender equality.

Cognizant of the fact that women empowerment is a decisive step to help women breathe a sigh of relief; Ethiopia has invested in empowering women and girls across all of its programs by promoting equal access to education, health, and economic opportunities. Especially these days, women’s empowerment in Ethiopia has been a key issue since they constitute over half percentage share of the entire national population.

As learnt from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the country is elected to be a member of UN Commission on the Status of Women for a four-year term of office beginning at the first meeting of the Commission’s seventieth session in 2025. In so doing, the assignment given to the nation now would help create opportunities for more equitable participation in society for females across and on the globe.

Ethiopia’s experience regarding women empowerment would be of instrumental in fostering the effort geared towards earning benefits out of the invaluable forums for shaping policies, sharing insights, and charting pathways toward gender parity and inclusivity.

The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) has elected Ethiopia to serve as a member for a four-year term.

Since Ethiopia’s relentless effort and positive stride toward gender equality and empowerment has been an exemplary one, Ethiopia will harness its tested experience in contributing its modest share to the Commission. The term is set to commence at the inaugural meeting of the Commission’s seventieth session in 2025 and will extend until the conclusion of its seventy-third session in 2029.

It is well known that in 1946 the Commission on the Status of Women was established to promote the advancement of women throughout the world. True, the Commission continues to provide unique opportunities for exchange of ideas, experiences, good practices and lessons-learned to enhance implementation of commitments at national level, through interactive expert panels on the themes under consideration and roundtables for high -level representatives attending the annual sessions.

Beside, Ethiopia has so far become at the forefront in advocating for the rights and advancement of women nationally, regionally and even internationally as it has shown remarkable achievement in due course of empowering women. Ethiopia has greater number of women parliamentarians, the number at one time even rose to 50%, it incorporates women in line ministries, and provides women with other senior positions. This is the clear manifestation of country’s commitment to well empower women. Ethiopia’s dedication would foster a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices and aimed at bolstering the implementation of commitments at national, regional, continental and global level.

Unequivocally, Ethiopia is prettily working to further enhance women’s empowerment as the process of enabling women to have greater control over their lives and to be able to make their own decisions is the call of the day. The CSW can hence garner optimal advantage out of Ethiopia’s assignment as the country helps women participate fully in the economy and in the political process, as well as empower them to make decisions about their own well-being as well.


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