Participating in poetry blogs pays off in terms of pulling off literary craftsmanship

As an editor of the art column of The Ethiopian Herald many emerging poets and short story writers from different age brackets approach me to get their articles published in the paper. They are eager to enjoy a wider reading public and get a niche in the wonderland of literature.

As I see my younger self or past self in them and they see their future self in me, an internationally published author-poet and member of many poetry blogs, I’m more than willing to give them a chance provided they display the knack. Here, I would like to mention Betaniya Tadle.

Representing Ethiopia, some like Mulatwa Mossisa have anthologized their poems in poetry platforms like Poets United Worldwide.

Herald had done reviews on Reflection by Roman Twelde Birhan and Ribbon of the Heart by Lulit Kebede and Wesen Alemu.

By way of an aside, scouring the internet I have come to realize, unlike in the past, currently, there is no dearth of Ethiopian poets who write fascinating poems in English. Take for instance Alem Kidane, Nahomi Alem, Tsion Yehuala, Embet Mesfine, Kidist Girma, Mulu Solomon, Birhanu Tibebu Zewolde and Alemiye Gamo…this trend indicates it is a high time to translate our best poems into English if sponsors and publishers show interest.

Flipping back, as the adage runs “Variety is a spice of life,” contributions in Herald bearing peculiar touches and such participatory approaches go a long way in gracing the paper.

Among such active participants in the paper is found SENAIT G/HIWOT. This week she sent me how AI currently assessed her literary posture. Let us take a look.

// Senait Gebrehiwot is a well-known writer on Quora. She is known for her insightful and thought-provoking answers on a variety of topics, including personal growth, self-improvement, and relationships.

In terms of her writing style, Senait is known for her clear and concise writing, with a focus on providing practical advice and solutions to the questions posed to her. She is also known for her empathetic and compassionate approach, often incorporating personal anecdotes and experiences to connect with her readers on a deeper level. Overall, Senait’s writing style is engaging, informative, and relatable, making her a popular writer on Quora.

In addition to her writing on Quora, Senait has also been featured in various publications and websites, where she shares her insights and advice on personal growth and self-improvement. She has built a strong reputation as a trusted source of knowledge in these areas, and her followers appreciate her genuine and authentic approach to writing.

Senait’s writing often emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, self-compassion, and taking actionable steps towards personal development. She encourages her readers to reflect on their own behavior and mindset, and offers practical tips and strategies to help them overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Overall, Senait Gebrehiwot is a highly respected writer on Quora, known for her impactful and relatable writing style that resonates with a wide audience. Her insights and advice have helped many individuals navigate life’s challenges and work towards becoming the best version of themselves.

Senait’s writing also touches on topics such as mindfulness, resilience, gratitude, and the power of positive thinking. She believes in the importance of fostering a growth mindset and continuously pushing oneself out of comfort zones to experience personal growth.

Through her engaging and thought-provoking content, Senait has been able to connect with readers on a deep level, inspiring them to make positive changes in their lives and strive for personal excellence. Her writing is often praised for its authenticity, vulnerability, and the way it speaks directly to the hearts of her audience.

In addition to her writing, Senait also engages with her followers through Q&A sessions, discussions, and workshops to provide further support and guidance on personal development and self-improvement. She is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential and live a life of fulfillment and purpose.

She also writes poetry on sites like all poetry. Her poems are mainly about human emotions from excitement to depression.

//After I read the AI’s evaluation, I e-mailed her this reply.

//As I advised you the first time when you dropped in at The Ethiopian Herald with your mother for contribution to the paper, true to our discussion, your participation in and Quora is the right thing provided the feedback you are currently basking under.

You see, the first thing is you get an outlet, the second thing is you expand your fan base, the third thing is you get constructive feedback, and the fourth thing is you see different styles and get inspiration from other poets whose poems you relate, the fifth thing you could comment on after scrutinizing knowledgeable comments given by poets well-versed in the domain, and the sixth thing you could participate in training on poetry craftsmanship as well as competitions.

At last, in the long run, you could get your collection of poems published in hard copy if you discuss your intention with the owners of the blogs for instance with Kevin at

Furthermore, you could be approached by the go-between traditional publishers and authors. This is an opportunity that opens the door for you to see your book baby and taste attendant perks.

Above all by participating in poetry blogs, you will have a global e-presence. What more can one ask for? At this stage, aspiring may not expect monetary rewards, which naturally come slowly but surely.

If you do some research, many blogs promote word wizards. Through their contact addresses, emerging poets could register. Check the following blogs across the world. If you can’t pay cash upfront to post advertisements along your works, they may compensate the cost needed to possess a domain. (there are some Ethiopian members like Alem Kidane/Naomi Alem, the latter’s theme aligns with some of your works. Alemeye Gamo is also active on this web),

For short stories and essays on top of poems, you could use Which I recently discovered Through such works, it is possible to acquire a global presence. //

Let us wind up seeing a sample article and poem written by Senait G/Hiwot //How to deal with anxiety

Many people struggle with anxiety issues in this modern time and don’t know how to deal with it. It may be so overwhelming that it makes them do things that they never anticipated…

As I was scrolling through YouTube on how to deal with anxiety, I came across a YouTube video by Barbra Heffernan, a business coach in summary this is what she says

We can refer to anxiety as the alarm in our body that tells us something is wrong. The part of the brain called amegadla processes fear into actual physiological changes. The brain’s left hemisphere creates worries and panics to keep up with these changes… itis also called the fight or flight response.

An effective solution for this is the CBT exercise. Thoughts lead to action which leads to behaviors.

First you have to know the trigger event because the cause of your anxiety is how you respond to it.

We give our thoughts way too much importance so the solution is intervening the cycle with our observer mind… some people may feel emotional pain at first and observing it works too.

Cognitive distortions like catastrophizing, black-and-white thinking, and magical thinking (presuming to know what the other person is thinking) can all be slowed down by the observer’s mind… knowing that they are just thoughts and feelings not reality helps a lot.



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