EDS sees progress in Diaspora’s economic contribution


  • Annual remittance hits over 4 bln. USD

ADDIS ABABA –The Diaspora community has shown a significant involvement in different businesses and investment activities and supplement the vision to realize a country with a vibrant economy, the Ethiopian Diaspora Service (EDS) said.

Speaking to FBC, EDS Diaspora Affairs Information and Research Acting Director Daniel Mesfin stated that the government has given due emphasis to enhancing the role and contribution of Ethiopian Diasporas in the national economy. The country has been amassing four to five billion USD from Diaspora-owned businesses annually.

Daniel further highlighted that the Diaspora’s tendency to invest in hospitality and other non-productive sectors has now significantly changed and they have become active players in the manufacturing and construction industries. “Departing from their limited economic participation, Ethiopian Diasporas are currently taking part in broader investment schemes and cut-edging technologies among others.”

Also, the Diasporas are among the forerunners in political advocacies and lobbying that would help ensure the country’s national interest.

About remittance, he indicated that the EDS is devising cross-cutting solutions and launching accessible mechanisms to encourage Ethiopian   Diasporas to send money back home through legal channels.

According to him, the Ethiopian Diplomacy Forum, whereby 300 Diaspora communities drawn from 25 countries were take part, was successful in creating strong bonds between the government and the Diaspora for the goal of nation- building.

“The forum also promotes Diaspora’s unity, enhancing their political participation and paving the way to elect representatives that determinedly advocate for their home country in the respective places of living.”

The second-generation Diaspora call would be an impetus for them to promote their own culture and language and build a transnational community. Also, they are undertaking strong engagements on national issues including National Dialogue and other concerns, Daniel remarked.



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