Ethiopia striving to achieve food sovereignty: PM Abiy

The government of Ethiopia is committed to meet zero hunger goals, to achieve food sovereignty and to attain national prosperity.

“I am grateful to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization for recognizing Ethiopia’s diligent efforts over the past five years in addressing food and nutrition security. The endeavors we have begun in the past five years are thus solid foundations for the next generation.”

Ethiopia will continue its efforts to achieve food sovereignty. Ethiopia continues to be a resilient nation remaining steadfast in its development goals even in challenging circumstances.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD), speaking during the FAO Agricola Medal award ceremony in Rome, Italy

 Ethiopia is model for African countries: UNIDO

Ethiopia is becoming a model for African countries and for the whole world in its effort to realizing food self-sufficiency and achieve the goal of Zero Hunger.

The efforts being undertaken in Ethiopia to achieve the vision of zero hunger has really been showing great progress. Ethiopia’s achievement in doubling the yield in the sector of food is laudable. It is becoming an exporter.

Ethiopia has demonstrated that investment in agriculture and the strong leadership from Abiy Ahmed has made it is possible to reach zero hunger and to attain food security for the people

Gerd Müller, Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) during FOA’s Agricola award to PM Abiy in Rome, Italy.

 Ethiopia’s agricultural transformation an inspiration for Africa: FAO DG

The achievements registered by the government of Ethiopia under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to transform the agricultural sector with a view to becoming food self-sufficient have been a source of inspiration for Africa.

The commitment and passion of Prime Minister Abiy to realize the revolutionary change of agriculture and rural development and the Green legacy initiative is amazing.

Qu Dongyu, Director- General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said while awarding PM Abiy FAO Agricola award

 Ethiopia’s food systems progressing

Ethiopia’s food system has been progressing with an eye on realizing an economy-wide transformation. There is a synergy among the food systems transformation and the 10-year Development Plan and relevant sectorial programs and investment portfolio

Ministry of Agriculture stands for inclusive social, economic, and technological developments and justice for all Ethiopians. The food systems approach put light on areas of action to remove binding constraints with an eye on realizing our promise of an economy-wide transformation.

Girma Amente, Agriculture Minister said during a validation workshop for the Ethiopian Food Systems

 Funding gaps hinder climate change initiatives: ECA

Insufficient financial assistance hinders African countries’ efforts to fight climate change. Expert expressed the urgent need for African nations to build climate resilience and integrate climate change into their national development visions.

To build climate resilience, integrate climate information into decision-making processes, and securing adequate financial support from developed nations is vital.

Ethiopia’s effort in utilizing its vast natural resources, including river basins and forests, to build resilience and achieve sustainable development goals is appreciated. The Ethiopian Green Legacy initiative also has a positive impact on combating climate change and fostering sustainable development.

Nassim Oulmane (PhD), ECA Technology, Climate Change, and Natural Resource Management Division Director


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