MoFA says Diplomats Association crucial to advance Nat’l interests

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ADDIS ABABA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) announced that it has established the Ethiopian Diplomats Association that could potentially serve their country accordingly.

As to MoFA’s official page, the Ethiopian Diplomats Association that includes former and veteran ambassadors, diplomats, and currently serving professionals of the Ministry , who have been serving their country in various positions for a long time, was established last Wednesday.

At the occasion for forming the association, MoFA State Minister Ambassador Mesganu Arga expressed that establishing the association is of significantly useful in bringing together veteran diplomats and experts currently serving, who can industriously serve the national interest and respect the honor of their country.

The State Minister also said that the association will contribute a lot to the Foreign Service by researching, showing policy directions, and training young people with a view to transferring knowledge and expertise.

“Veteran diplomats who attended the General Assembly of the association said that the formation of such professional association would allow the country to foster diplomatic skills and wisdom as well as strengthen social ties between professionals,” the minister added.

 He further stated that the establishment of the Ethiopian Diplomats Association will enable professional to immensely contribute in a very good manner in due course of protecting the national interests of the country.

The General Assembly of the Ethiopian Diplomats Association was concluded by electing leaders to administer the association, it was learnt.



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