Tigray tourist attractions to resume operation

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ADDIS ABABA- The tourism destinations in Tigray state, which stopped functioning as a result of security problem for the past few

years, are going to start operating and being open to tourists as of next week as part of national tourism development, so stated Tourism Minister. Having a stay with local media, Tourism State minister, Sileshi Girma said that the tourist destinations in Tigray state were not open to visitors due to security concerns and hotels and service rendering institutions were at stake, too, but the destinations will go operational as of next week.

Mentioning that the maintenance of Axum Obelisk has almost been undertaken and hotels as well as service providing institutors are getting ready, the service they will deliver should be with reasonable fare targeting at introducing the areas well.

He said, “Since a range of remarkable activities have been carried out for the last six months, tourist can visit the state and the community at the vicinity of the destinations has to be alert enough to contribute a lot to the effort geared towards having problem free area in collaboration with security bodies.”

As to him, tourists can easily visit Axum using Shire Airport as of next week, and there is also ample opportunity to pay a trek from Mekele to Axum using vehicles. According to Sileshi, as Tigray state is highly interconnected with Afar and Amhara states, a well-coordinated task will be done thereby safeguarding the safety of tourists, be they are local or international ones.

Since the livelihoods of the majority of the community residing in and around tourist destinations like in Debark, Axum and Lalibela are highly dependent on tourism, citizens in these and other areas are expected to work hard with a view to ensuring lasting peace, of course together with other segments of the society.

He said, “Tourism and peace are two sides of a coin, and the country is seriously embarking on the sector to make a difference. Hence, everyone has to be well aware of the significance of the sector for national development and work hard to introduce Ethiopia to the rest of the world well.”


The Ethiopian Herald November 19/2023

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