From Adversity to Triumph


Arat Kilo, my humble abode,

The place where dreams were sowed.

Challenges came, hardships faced,

But with determination, all I embraced.

From scratch, I began to build,

My hopes and aspirations filled.

Every step was a struggle anew,

But with perseverance, I saw it through.

Today, I look back with pride,

At the journey that I took in stride.

I made it through, and I stand tall,

Thanks to Arat Kilo, my foundation and all.

Arat Kilo, my guiding light,

You showed me the way to fight.

Through every challenge and every hill,

You taught me the value of will.

 Poverty and struggles were commonplace,

Dreams were elusive in this space,

But I held onto hope,

To find a way to cope.

I lived above the dead and below the living,

But didn’t let it mess with my head,

I rose above it all,

 And answered every call.

The journey was long and hard,

Filled with pain, disappointment, and scars,

I fought through it all,

Staying strong even after each fall.

I pushed and persevered,

Determination kept my fears cleared,

 Slowly, I climbed up the ladder,

Overcoming obstacles that made me sadder.

Though the path was steep,

I never gave up on my dreams so deep,

For I knew that with enough endeavor,

I could make it now or never.

And now, I look back with pride,

All those struggles seem to subside,

Arat Kilo is a place where I fought,

To reach where I am today, with lessons dearly bought.

The ups and downs have made me strong,

And now I know I can belong,

Anywhere in this vast world,

For I have conquered a land once swirled.

Arat Kilo, my foundation strong and true,

Where my hardships forged my breakthrough,

A place where I learned to fight,

And emerged victorious, shining bright.

The Ethiopian Herald June 1/2023

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