Yes tomorrow was created yesterday



Our pristine identity

Due attention to which

We seem remiss to pay,

The freedom oxygen

We inhale today

Also which our off springs

Will breathe tomorrow,

The square shoulder

With which we walk

The ease we talk

Are ascribable to

Indomitable patriots

Our ancestors

To repel, disarray invaders

Valor, prowess no where

Had to borrow!

Are attributable to


In the face of an aggressor

On par with Goliad that

Resorted to

Sword, shield, arrow

And to emerge out

With flying colors

Who preferred unity

 To nationalism narrow—

a shortfall which

Strikes out from nation’s

Defensive arm

The bone marrow;

Remember that legacy

If we fail,

What a sorrow

Scratching golden history

With soot-greased harrow!

For “Ignoring history

Is ignoring

the wolf at the door”

(John le Carré)

Forget not the divisive wedge

Is predator’s cutting edge

When they’re planning siege

This is

The gist core the adage bore.

By defector to render

The day after tomorrow

For our grandchildren

A world grand

My dear

Do you understand,

Better than our best,

We have to work hard?

Of course

 In a different sphere


Drag out we have

Our country

From economic morass.

Tap into our wealth

We have, to ensure

Nation’s economic health

That heralds poverty’s death

Like the

Win-win hydropower dam,

On lower riparian countries

Which creates

No significant harm.

Also which the badly-needed

Electricity offer

What is more

Fish food that proffer


How a thing adverse

To advantage,

The ups for grabs,

Go getters reverse.

The adage

“The wanderer Abay

 Short of lodging, loafs

From hog to hog

Carrying a log

All the way along,”

That used to echo

In every shore

Is no more.

Also is appreciable

Is the program set

To turn the nation

A tourist magnet!

Also laudatory are

In industrialization

The push ahead

The turnaround

In export trade

For green revolution

The laid robust seedbed.

When evince oneness,

Growth thrust

Ethnic groups all

The nation gets on the ball

Towards even growth

In the set (2063/SDG)

Continental, global goal.

The Ethiopian Herald June 1/2023

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