Rehabilitation commission pledges to intensify rehabilitation endeavors

ADDIS ABABA (ENA)– Rehabilitation of ex-combatants in Tigray region will continue with an intensified manner, National Rehabilitation Commission Commissioner Ambassador Teshome Toga said.

The commissioner met on Friday with officials of Tigray Interim Administration to discuss the implementation of Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) activities. The discussion which was held in Mekelle, Tigary regional capital evaluated the progress made and the remaining tasks in this DDR process.

Speaking on the occasion, the National Rehabilitation Commissioner Ambassador Teshome Toga said that the discussion was fruitful. “We focused on what the remaining tasks are in the evaluation. Our discussion was successful and good. Disarmament is the priority job to DDR since this activity is going on,” he noted.

Ambassador Teshome further stated that the current process is in a good phase mentioning that an agreement has been reached with the interim administration of Tigray State on the conditions under which the remaining works can be accelerated. “The other work is demobilization which includes the establishment of shelters and camps as well as registrations, important to the former combatants,” he noted.

In this regard, the commission has been working with the officials of Tigray State interim administration to identify and organize the aforementioned facilities, according to the commissioner.

He added that the National Rehabilitation Commission will open a branch in Mekelle to help facilitate the next operations. The Chief Administrator of Tigray State Interim Administration, Getachew Reda said for his part that the implementation of the peace agreement is encouraging.

Getachew stated that the administration has been carrying out various activities with the commission with the spirit of understanding and discussion, noting that we have exchanged views on ways to expedite the implementation of remaining tasks.

“It is important to always assess jointly about the challenges that might encounter in the future concerning the demobilization and reintegration activities as well as resource mobilization to plan and implement together and complete the tasks that must be completed by properly looking in to the works that have already been completed.”

This (Discussion) is part of this process, he said, adding “I think we hope we will be able to carry out activities with a view to strengthening these issues to a better level.” Getachew also mentioned that the activities so far undertaken with the government has been successful and pledged to accelerate the remaining tasks.

Efforts will also be intensified with a view to strengthening and sustaining the activities being carried out with the federal government and other international organizations, he added. “Though several activities have already been undertaken, we will continue our efforts to complete the remaining tasks as soon as possible,” Getachew pointed out.

The Ethiopian Herald April 16/2023

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