Amhara state war-damaged hospitals resume service

.Full service resumption requires 13 bln Birr


ADDIS ABABA—Amhara State Health Bureau announced that 38 war-ravaged hospitals have resumed care and hospitalization and 13 billion Birr is required to fully restore all services to run in full swing. In an interview with the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), the Bureau Deputy Head Abdulkerim Mengistu said that 40 hospitals were fully and partially damaged due to the war. To date, 38 hospitals (out of 40) have resumed service delivery.

A total of 13 billion Birr is needed to re-equip and resume all war-damaged hospitals, it was learnt. Only emergency clinical services and some other basic services are being delivered right now. Hospitals have no sufficient equipment to care patients keeping hospital standard, he indicated.

All stakeholders including NGOs Working on Health should collaborate for the successful reconstruction of hospitals and for full resumption of health service, he added. Abdulkerim said; “The state has made 98 hospitals and 917 health centers functional at this time. The number of functional health institutions cannot be sufficient to serve the people. So, we need to strengthen efforts to reconstruct all health institutions and to re-equip war-damaged institutions.”


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