Office plans to produce over 1,162,800 quintal ginger


ADDIS ABABA— The Agriculture Office of Kembata Tembaro Zone announced that it has planned to produce over 1,162,800 Quintal ginger products in this Ethiopian fiscal year.

The office Head Tsedek Sulamo told the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that some 4,845 hectares of land have been covered with ginger production and expected to gain over 1,162,800 quintals in the Hadero Tunzo district in Kembata Tembaro Zone of South Nations and Nationalities State (SNNPRs).

In this regard, the district has also planned to produce 240 quintal ginger product per hectare. As to the Head, it is planned to cultivate 4,040 hectares of land with ginger in the district during this year’s production period whilst 4,800 hectors are being cultivated. In terms of irrigation, it was succeeded 45 hectares of land from a plan of 210 hectares in this similar period.

“Though the district is well known for its ginger and coffee production, over the past many years, many farmers stopped producing as the product was affected  by disease. However, the farmers are reengaging the ginger productivity and some 8, 070 farmers have engaged in producing ginger at present,” he added.

The Head further stated that the farmers have been gaining experimental support from the SNNPRs Agriculture Bureau so as to ensure ginger productivity in the area. Besides, the farmers have gained adequate training about chemical and weed spraying.  “The district has planned to export the ginger products and it has been working with agricultural extensions to provide quality product for the international market via ensuring adequate benefit out of it,” the head noted.

Concerned bodies should play their part in facilitating the market linkage so as to help farmers purchase the chemicals at reasonable price, support and inspect the farmers and enable them to have quality ginger product in the listed area.


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