T- TPLF bribes sex workers to appear as rape victim


ADDIS ABABA– The Terrorist TPLF leaders bribed commercial sex workers to allege members of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) committed sexual assaults with a view to justifying the false rape-propaganda, a former Dimitsi Woyane radio journalist said.

Speaking to local media, the journalist Elias Michael noted that T-TPLF has had hidden agreement with some commercial sex workers in Tigray to play the script written to accuse the federal troops.

Majority of the so-called raped women during that time were sheltered in one of the camp built to treat victims. “I am sure that many of them were attracted by the support given by NGOs for rape-victims. However, I haven’t seen real raped women.”

As to him, commercial sex workers had received about 2,500 Birr from NGOs to witness a rape process. “ Some commercial sex workers have told me that they had received the money to support their livelihood. Furthermore, some of them were colluding to accuse the government of Ethiopia and presented as victims.

They were registered and regarded as university students raped by the federal forces.” Later, the then-president of Mekelle University exposed that they were not students at the university campass, the journalist indicated.

The Ethiopian Herald June 23/2022

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