Dancing with the wind

Part II “Did you ask me where am I going? Well I know nothing, sir… I don’t know. I don’t know if I could give you sufficient response. I swear in the... Read more »

Adwa Museum: Preserving Ethiopia’s Historic Triumph

A massive project that borders Piasa, the Minelik Monument, and the Church of St. George of Arada is located in the centre of Addis Ababa. Additionally, a bridge connects it to the... Read more »

Closed ranks earth and sky

As modesty, Another form Of beauty, Is God’s identity Christ, The incarnated word, The Omnipresent God Revealed himself In a human flesh, Formed from His breath And a sod. The Omnipotent Sucked... Read more »

 “New-Age” children: Smarter than their parents?

Children nowadays are increasingly occupying centre stages in many social events and media presentations. Children are allowed to be guests at social media events, and encouraged to speak their minds whether what... Read more »

Knock not at my heart’s door once more

When you Came home Back a fortnight In the early hours Of the night Outside, Beneath a tree We were free; So enjoying A romantic glee As usual, As you previously Initiated... Read more »


Grandma, your absence left such a void in my heart, past the barking dogs we stepped into the yard, saw your hut you used to sit at a spot knees bent, missed... Read more »

Life is but a puzzle

Life is but a puzzle, an it doesn’t always fit, sometimes you will fly, or flutter off an flit, or sink down really low, In a godforsaken pit. BY ALEM KIDANE THE... Read more »

  I owe you gratitude

An ox’s appetite whetted By a lush grass green On a cliff top, —oblivious the game is not worth the candle— Thumbing down from A precipice it couldn’t Itself stop. God, my... Read more »

The winner of International Emmy Award

(Continued from Nov 9) He has participated in seven short films and music videos as a director and an actor. Habtamu recently participated in an international competition. The competition (International Emmy Award)... Read more »

The three divine forces on the path of destination: A beautiful journey

 Part Two: The second divine power – Hard work In our quest for success, we encounter the second divine power on our path: hard work. It is the embodiment of great effort,... Read more »