Knock not at my heart’s door once more

When you Came home Back a fortnight In the early hours Of the night Outside, Beneath a tree We were free; So enjoying A romantic glee As usual, As you previously Initiated... Read more »


Grandma, your absence left such a void in my heart, past the barking dogs we stepped into the yard, saw your hut you used to sit at a spot knees bent, missed... Read more »

Life is but a puzzle

Life is but a puzzle, an it doesn’t always fit, sometimes you will fly, or flutter off an flit, or sink down really low, In a godforsaken pit. BY ALEM KIDANE THE... Read more »

  I owe you gratitude

An ox’s appetite whetted By a lush grass green On a cliff top, —oblivious the game is not worth the candle— Thumbing down from A precipice it couldn’t Itself stop. God, my... Read more »

The winner of International Emmy Award

(Continued from Nov 9) He has participated in seven short films and music videos as a director and an actor. Habtamu recently participated in an international competition. The competition (International Emmy Award)... Read more »

The three divine forces on the path of destination: A beautiful journey

 Part Two: The second divine power – Hard work In our quest for success, we encounter the second divine power on our path: hard work. It is the embodiment of great effort,... Read more »

From Ubuntu to Gacaca-The Culture of African Peacemaking, Reconciliation

It may take little imagination to visualize how traditional African societies were more peaceful and more stable than the so-called modern ones. Of course there are tons of researches to support our... Read more »


Believe in me. Like I believe in you. Are you scared to be alone? We’re not the same. We’re different. You know everything about me. But It’s still not enough for me... Read more »

After forty days…

(A short story) Five minutes in the real world amount to two days in Meron’s world in that gap of two days, events come and go frequently, especially their car’s somersault from... Read more »

Limerick: There was a Young Lady of Niger

There was a young lady of Niger Who smiled as she rode on a tiger; They returned from the ride With the lady inside, And a smile on the face of the... Read more »