The snake dance of Ethiopia

 If you are ugly, you must learn to dance. So says a Zimbabwean proverb that is used to encourage people in the community to dance. And when the drummers change the beat,... Read more »

Fiche Chembellalla, ties with humanity, environmental protection, astronomy

Nations across the world celebrate their New Year as the planet makes a full circle around the sun respective to their culture, religion and other circumstances that are found to be valuable... Read more »

Gibe Sheleko National Park

COMPILED BY STAFF REPORTER Among the National parks in the country, Ethiopia, Gibe Sheleko National Park is the only national park nearest to the capital city of the country. The National Park... Read more »

Lake Tana biosphere potential

Lake Tana and its wetlands provide an invaluable habitat for the truly spectacular and unique birdlife that flourishes around the lake. Located in the Horn of Africa, it is a key location... Read more »

Ethiopian religious practices

Ethiopia has a long historical and cultural connection to both Christianity and Islam. Beside these dominant religious practices, there are also other religious institutions that are practiced by large number of society.... Read more »

Unique features of Konso

 The Konso people live in the Southern Central part of Ethiopia. They live in large towns, each governed by a council of elders. They have clan-based societal arrangements which are comprised of... Read more »

Ethiopia will prevail!!

Ethiopians is all about togetherness. As the land of diversity with people of different background, there is always resurrection at the end of suffering. All the sufferings of Jesus has needed up... Read more »

Two genre heritages:Mirroring Ethiopia Ordnances

 One is really tired of listing what Ethiopia does naturally possess. Yes, the tangible and the intangible heritages with which the country is bedecked have granted it a majestic look and additional... Read more »

This is Ethiopia

It is almost two weeks since Ramadan, a holy month of fasting, introspection and prayer for Muslims, has started. From the time when this Islamic Holyday Month has begun, it is common... Read more »

Ethnological Museum

COMPILED BY STAFF REPORTER Set within Haile Selassie’s former Palace, and surrounded by the beautiful gardens and fountains of the University’s main campus, is the enthralling Ethnological Museum. Even if one is... Read more »