Ethiopia is not an untamed horse to ride on

A horse is a domesticated animal used for racing, transportation and as a beast of burden. In some places around the world they use it for farming. Presumably, this animal, like humans,... Read more »

The Media in Africa, Fake News and the Culture of Transparency

BY MULUGETA GUDETA The African media has long remained under the tutelage of Western media organizations that shaped the form and contents of news and control their means of dissemination. Most African... Read more »

“Hiraaga”, Hadiya customary reconciliation and problem-solving system

By Melaku Erose The Hadiya people constitute one of the indigenous ethno-linguistic and cultural peoples in Ethiopia with collective consciousness, unique culture, peculiar language (Hadiyyisa), own traditions and way of life. Members... Read more »

What’s to be done, Brother?

 Short Story “I find it extremely difficult to talk about what’s happening around us,” said Haile to Abraham as they were going upstairs in the New Classroom Building, standing in the west... Read more »

Do you know consuming too much sugar is bad for the body?

Consuming sugar now and then can cause the body to suffer from cancer, heart attack, alzheimer’s disease and not to mention diabetes by causing liver to store excess fat/fatty liver. The body... Read more »

Maintain unity: A message from Ambrose R. King, Ras Awa in connection to the Victory of Adwa

Ambrose R. King, a.k.a (by his baptized Ethiopian name) christened here Woldesilase is a representative for the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated, a civil society organization comprising Ethiopians at home and abroad and... Read more »

Globalization and the Need for Unifying African Cultural Identity

Globalization is a broad and comprehensive term that encompasses many aspects of the political, economic, social and cultural aspects of life and the process of homogenization that governs them. The Encarta Encyclopedia... Read more »

Inequalities of all shades

Though in dexterity my physically challenged carpenter father, Than the physically fit proves better, as a source to his anger, With contemporaries a level ground he enjoyed never! From late childhood there... Read more »

A Poetic Justice

He took his wife A punching bag He is at liberty to hug Or to blow up steam By her hairs to drag. As it may sound sad He opted to project... Read more »

Ribbon of the heart-(ecriture feminine)

Shifting focus from the New Criticism to Feminist Criticism, here I have come up with one work. But first to get on the same page let us see the theoretical aspect from... Read more »