Economic impingement of the war in Ukraine toward the world, Ethiopia

BY ABEBE WOLDEGIORGIS The war broke out in Ukraine which ignited by the Russian aggression has been a pre-occupation for the world. Countries’ economies are affected by the war directly or indirectly.... Read more »

Public enterprises: Unceasing drivers for economic growth

Different research findings recommended creating balanced regional development; reducing regional inequalities and creating balanced concentration of wealth and economic power are amongst the important objectives of public sector enterprises. The role of... Read more »

Ethiopia has to do a lot on pulses, oilseeds to be competent in the world market

It is proved that Ethiopia has a suitable environment to produce pulses and oil seeds which have preferable tests and high demand in the world market. However, due to the recently broke... Read more »

Harari Regional State’s action to build a ‘one-stop tourist center’ is promising

When tourism is recalled, it is all about protecting and preserving both tangible and intangible heritages. It is all about the uniqueness of a place regarding its cultural heritage. There are places,... Read more »

Woman entrepreneurs: killing many birds with one stone

Over the past decade, Ethiopia has achieved high economic growth and establishing the country among the fastest growing economies both in Africa and in the developing world. Ethiopia, with a population of... Read more »

Modern beekeeping transforming women’s economic earning

Ethiopia is a country encounters significant unemployment that affects young people and women, but the government has been undertaking activities that reduce unemployment working with various national and international development actors. To... Read more »

Auction market in the coffee oscar reinforcing small holders

Glory for the Brazilians, years before they took the initiative to protest to sell their coffee in stock market decided in the wall street of New York. Because, Brazilians have full of... Read more »

Emboldening financial provision to agriculture sector for the economic stimulation

It is crystal clear that the provision of financial service plays crucial role in stimulating the economy of a given country. The functioning of market, value chaining, whole sale and retail activities,... Read more »

Ethiopia will succeed in the battle of economy through replicating ADWA’s Victory

The multi-cultural army paid the ultimate sacrifice, when about nine thousands of its soldiers died at the battle. With their sacrifice, they set the stage for the birth of a new Ethiopia... Read more »

It is the time for Africa to lift its population out of poverty via wise utilization of its natural resources

The World Bank has dispatched a bulletin of 2022 on opportunities and challenges of trade of African countries, how the market could be accessed in troubled times and the remedy to resolve... Read more »