Al Negashi (Negash): A living billboard to Christian–Muslim Chemistry

Al Negashi, the Holy place in Northern Ethiopia, Eastern Zone of the Tigray State also referred to as Negash in the local language is known as the Second Mecca by the followers... Read more »

Sitting on terrace, watching the greenery, children playing, happy people eating: “Greek Club”

One of the nicest old gardens in Addis Ababa on the premise of the Greek Club has a decent restaurant and balconies that offer sightseeing to the tennis as well as the... Read more »

Invisible hands behind the curtain of diplomacy

He had been active in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) for over 30 years .He started as a consular and ambassador. He served in Ethiopia and abroad in different places and... Read more »

Sharing humanitarian experience with ICRC

The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) has been present here in Ethiopia for more than forty years with a mandate to protect and assist the most vulnerable people affected by armed... Read more »

Boosting cultural diplomacy

It was in 1907 that Alliance Ethio- Francaise was established in Addis Ababa aiming at rendering cultural exchange between France and Ethiopia vibrant. Hosting a dynamic schedule of concerts, exhibitions, film screenings,... Read more »

Taking Africa to new heights of mutual growth

The Ethiopian Herald had sat down with Mr Baye Moctar Diop, the Ambassador of the Republic of Senegal to Ethiopia and permanent representative to the African Union and the United Nations Economic... Read more »

As Azerbaijanism, Ethiopianism will afford Ethiopia a turn for a better: Azerbaijan Ambassador to Ethiopia

Ambassador Elman Abdullayev Shall we start with giving you a chance to start with commenting on the reforms underway in Ethiopia? It has always been a pleasure to work with the Ethiopian... Read more »