Fourth GERD filling signifies a crucial milestone in Ethiopia’s developmental expedition

The recent completion of the fourth round filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) marks a significant milestone for Ethiopia. It is regarded as a big win for Ethiopia, affirming their... Read more »

 The dividends of joining BRICS group

At the fifteenth summit of the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in Johannesburg Ethiopia and other five countries have been endorsed to join the group. Many people believe... Read more »

 Ethio-UAE relations setting the bar high

Be it in English, French, or any of the widely spoken languages, an expression involving the word ‘Black’ is almost automatically associated with undesirable things and situations. To mention a few blackmail,... Read more »

 Unlocking Africa’s potential: Strengthening partnerships for sustainable progress

At this year’s G7 summit in Japan, global leaders emphasized the importance of unity as the world navigates grave threats to multilateralism. The message was clear – trusted global platforms for dialogue... Read more »

 Political will, investment will score the goal for zero hunger

A world free from hunger is possible, but it demands political will, investment, and effective policies to transform agriculture and rural development, says Alvaro Lario, President of the International Fund for Agricultural... Read more »

 The boiling crisis

In recent years, global warming has emerged as one of the most pressing challenges facing our planet. The Earth’s climate is rapidly changing, and the consequences of this transformation are becoming increasingly... Read more »

Climate change is making us sick, says WHO Envoy

 Climate change is making us sick. It has become urgent to build resilient health systems to secure humanity’s well-being, says the special envoy for climate change and health of the World Health... Read more »

 Climate justicis litigation a good way forward?

For years, the concept of climate justice has been built on the understanding that countries and communities contributing the least to global warming are disproportionately bearing the impacts of climate change. For... Read more »

The de-dollarization scenario

In the face of globalization’s ever-increasing influence on economies worldwide, the dynamics of international trade and financial systems have resulted in a delicate balancing act for countries like Ethiopia. As a developing... Read more »

 The economy in the premier’s brief to parliament

On July 6th 2023 the House of Peoples Representatives of Ethiopia held its 28th regular session and it was intended to approve the budget of the Ethiopian fiscal year 2016 in the... Read more »