Ethiopian tea exports: Steaming success story

Ethiopia, often referred to as the birthplace of coffee, is renowned for its rich agricultural heritage. However, in recent years, another beverage, Ethiopian tea, has been gaining prominence in international markets, according... Read more »

Fueling innovation and entrepreneurship: Ethiopia’s Start-Up revolution

Ethiopia aims to boost entrepreneurship and startup culture In recent years, Ethiopia has emerged as a hotbed for innovation and technology-driven entrepreneurship. The country’s commitment to fostering an environment conducive for start-ups... Read more »

 Agricultural transformation for economic growth, change

Ethiopia’s agriculture has shown remarkable resilience over many centuries but is now increasingly demanding reformation and transformation. The sector has been purely accompanied with a steadily increasing Ethiopian population with millennia-old tools... Read more »

 Tapping the renewable energy sources for sustainable development

The ever-growing giant manufacturing industries and other practices throughout the world haves affected the environment through their harmful emittions. Therefore, the world should be united more than ever towards limiting the toxic... Read more »

 Safeguarding small, medium enterprises from finance deficit

In the existing financial and banking system in the country, banks provide credit services to large enterprises and industries that are able to provide collateral. On the other hand, microfinance institutions provide... Read more »

Scaling up microfinances into banks for boosting financial overhaul

The role of microfinance institutions has been said to encompass a wide range of economic existence. Their ability to ensure socio-economic equity through a number of activities less-reachable by mainstream financial services... Read more »

Measures taken to drive macro economy safely

The Ethiopian government has implemented various measures to address the macroeconomic imbalances and challenges faced by the country’s economy. However, the outcomes of these measures have fallen short of expectations. The global... Read more »

 Mining sector performance in Oromia State bright hope for Ethiopia

The mining sector plays a crucial role in the economic development of nations around the world. In the case of Oromia State in Ethiopia, the mining industry has emerged as a significant... Read more »

 How data analytics can transform Africa’s marketing landscape

At the end of last year, the global data analytics market was valued at more than USD 61 billion. With expectations that it will top the USD 580 billion mark by 2033,... Read more »

Harvesting Sericulture bounties

Sericulture is very beneficial to the society particularly to the youth and women, in terms of providing them with a variety of employment options and viable income without affecting their regular agricultural... Read more »