The legacy of Ethiopia’s patriots

Historians say that most of human history is characterized by wars, conflicts, power struggles and insurrections among peoples, their rulers or aspiring ones. People fight for the control of resources, land, power... Read more »

 A boon to Ethiopia’s diplomatic clout

As one of the first members of the League of Nations, which eventually became the United Nations and the African Union, Ethiopia has been at the forefront of international diplomacy. Being the... Read more »

 Spreading development through IDA financing

The International Development Association (IDA), an organization that provides development financing and cross-sector support to address global challenges and enhance development outcomes, held its summit in Nairobi, Kenya. As a part of... Read more »

 Rewarding cooperation with expanding ties

The risk of being landlocked with a population of over 120 million is unimaginable. The Ethiopian government seems to understand this issue and is actively searching for alternative sea routes for the... Read more »

Victory Day, the continued struggle for sovereignty

Ethiopia is in many ways a unique African nation. Unlike other African states, Ethiopia has not included Independence Day in its list of public holidays. The reason for this is obvious. Since... Read more »

 The continued Diasporas’ backing to Abbay dam

Ethiopia is constructing a mega hydroelectric power plant, Abbay Dam, also known as the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), without relying on financial support from international or other countries. This ambitious project... Read more »

 A solid foundation to redress Ethiopia’s major hurdles

Ethiopia is putting in place a multitude of problem-solving mechanisms to address the existing and new political challenges resulting from recent circumstances, such as the conflict in the northern part of the... Read more »

 Promising initiatives to achieve stability in Ethiopia

Conflict is unavoidable yet inevitable, what matters then is the way it is resolved. Conflicts and violence have been unfolding in some regions of Ethiopia. And, these problems have brought big human... Read more »

 The importance of WB/IMF support to Ethiopia

What is the difference between the World Bank and the IMF [International Monetary Fund]? Well, the quick answer would be not much, except for the fact that one is a development lender... Read more »

 Reasserting Ethiopia’s Commitment to Peace

During the past few days, many Ethiopian diplomats have been reasserting the commitment of the reformist government towards attaining full peace in every part of the country, proving the narrative of certain... Read more »