Moving into cooperation of equals: EU’s big appetite to elevate ties with Africa

Africa is one of the continents with a prosperous future. In the past years, the rest of the world has wanted to create a strong bond with the youthful continent to build... Read more »

An enduring partnership

Ethiopia and Kenya enjoy longstanding and excellent bilateral relations. The official diplomatic relations of the two countries dates to 1954 when Ethiopia established its Honorary Consulate office in Kenya. Ethiopia appointed its... Read more »

Linguistic diplomacy: Towards multilingual world

Over the years, languages have emerged to be more than just a means of communication; they have also become recipes for seizing diplomatic opportunities. Countries like China have literarily and widely used... Read more »

A boon to continental grand vision

Continental integration is one of the priority areas that Africa has been pushing for as per Agenda 2063. The Future also identifies key Flagship Programmes that can boost Africa’s economic growth and... Read more »

 Celebrating Ethiopia’s diplomatic achievements

There has been in the past weeks in Addis the Diplomacy Week Exhibition shown at the Science Museum where Ethiopia’s diplomatic history has been revealed in detail. No wonder Ethiopia’s more than... Read more »

Mourning the loss of veteran, popular journalists

In the last few days Ethiopians were subjected to the tragic loss of two very popular and beloved media icons. They are Asfaw Meshesha, TV show producer and presenter and Genene Mekuria... Read more »

Ethio-Somaliland deal: A hallmark for regional cooperation

The Horn of Africa is one of the most contested regions due to its strategic geopolitical location. It is home to numerous military bases established by countries from afar. However, regional nations... Read more »

 Linking tourism, diplomacy

Land of ‘thirteen months of sunshine’ was the motto of the tourism sector. But after a while it was decided that given that the country is land of Lucy the most ancient... Read more »

 Chronicles of diplomatic wisdom

The diplomacy week meant to flashback Ethiopia’s diplomatic journey kicked off last week at the Science Museum in Addis Ababa, which is third diplomatic hub in the world. Opened with a photo... Read more »

MoU-the pinnacle of Ethio-Somaliland comradeship

Over the years despite the twists and turns have been positioning itself as an anchor state spearheading regional cooperation and the diplomatic hub of the continent. It has been entering joint accords... Read more »