In Depth Analysis The Russia-African Forum and Implications for Ethiopia

Sochi is a Russian seaside resort town famous for organizing many international conferences and sports events. It is also a pleasant venue for major international conferences where tourist attractions draw thousands of... Read more »

Privatization plan comes into effect

Last week, sources indicated that the state-owned Ethio-Telecom has 44 million subscribers. Ethio-telecom has registered a record profit of more than one billion birr. It has introduced new technology in data and... Read more »

Nobel Peace Prize A big inspiration and a boost to Ethiopia’s regional leadership

Back in 1991, soon after the rebel forces in Eritrea and Ethiopia took power in Asmara and Addis Ababa respectively, there was widespread speculation as to whetherthe two respective leaders of the... Read more »

Resuming the Negotiations No need for Egypt to take GERD dispute to international arbiration

In an essay entitled, “Bridging the Gap in Nile Waters Disputes” published by the International Crisis Group we read that, “For Egyptian authorities, the first-order priority is to shield the country from... Read more »

A new perception required to overhaul Ethiopian tourism in a big way

According to data emanating from official sources, tourism in Ethiopia is showing promising trends as it has been registered as the fastest growing sector even by international standards back in 2018. An... Read more »

Patience and farsightedness needed to resume talks on GERD

The temporary misunderstanding between Egypt and Ethiopia on GERD talks should not come as a surprise because diplomacy on such a big issue is bound from the outset to be complex, painstaking... Read more »

In the New Ethiopian Year Nation in the Grips of Passion for Peace,Stability

The Ethiopian New Year celebrations in the capital Addis Ababa in particular had two different faces. On the one hand there were celebrations at the higher levels; music was in the air... Read more »

Ethiopians in South Africa Xenophobia in the rainbow nation-Where is Mandela’s legacy?

Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde was in South Africa last week for the 28th World Economic Forum meeting of African countries. A number of African countries have boycotted the meeting in protest against... Read more »

The Ethiopian year in a nutshell A tumultuous year full of surprises,challenges and hopes

The Ethiopian year 2011 was indeed a year of turbulence. The dust that the windof reform had raised in 2010 continued to blow across the entire nation, with inexorable force and continues... Read more »

Investment and technology how South Korea developed: Vital lessons from an economic miracle

This week’s visit to the Korean Republic by Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed can be seen as part and parcel of his search for potential development partners that can be co-opted in Ethiopia’s... Read more »