The sun doesn’t set in Guba, ray of hope shines!

Recently, confounding views have been on air in correlation to the edifice of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Some Egyptian media reported as if the construction is brought to a standstill.... Read more »

Keep the small steps towards the major task

According to the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), Ethiopia has over 62 registered parties, most of which are ethnic based groups. With the on-going political reforms and official calls by Prime... Read more »

The trauma set up, the healing power of the community

Traumatic experiences such as physical and psychological abuse, injustice and exploitation are public health hazards with generational ramifications. There is increasing evidence from the field of epigenetics that our environments including traumatic... Read more »

No more forex black market

When the incumbent cracked down on forex black market in some parts of Addis Ababa,a large number of people were so hopeful and optimistic that there would be no forex black market... Read more »

The dance of a slain hen

Drawing lessons from wrong turns and dead set at bringing down the curtain on the revolting history of tyrants and lechers that had been cold-bloodedly wreaking havoc and mercilessly sponging on the... Read more »

Nation building and security Part II

The Army continues to play a critical role in bringing peace to regions where misguided youth choose to take up arms against the nation. This onerous responsibility has been undertaken by the... Read more »

Better to teach how to “fish” than to feed

The government of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has recently announced its plan of making the country self-sufficient in wheat production by the year 2022. No matter how the plan appears to... Read more »

Nation building and security Part I

The Ethiopian Army as always in the past and in the future will continue to play a pivotal role in the nation building and for that it must emerge as a national... Read more »

Career diplomats for the nation’s best Future

Ethiopia is swiftly changing and the changes are for the good of the country and its peoples as a nation. The country is still undertaking various institutional reform measures for better outcomes... Read more »

Responsible and caring citizens Keep their city and safe

One little six years old EthioCanadian girl who was born in Toronto, Canada surprised her dad one day. The day was when her father came to the day-care where his daughter goes.... Read more »