Dessie carries out 1-bln- Birr worth projects

To inaugurate 33 new projects

ADDIS ABABA– Dessie Mayor said that the construction of various projects is being carried out at a cost of over one billion Birr.

The Mayor Samuel Molalegne told the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that the inauguration of 33 projects will take place soon. The construction of various projects involving the government officials and the community are being underway in the city.

The construction of roads, bus terminals, offices, water, health, schools, substations among others which are said to center on the public’s demand, is being carried out with the government budget and the public’s contribution.

The Mayor also stated that the construction is being underway with 1,027,287,033Birr that is obtained from the government budget and the public’s contribution. “Out of the total budget, 941,287,033 Birr is the government budget and the remaining 87 million Birr is public contribution.”

The 87million Birr that was gained from the public is allocated to the construction of schools, drugstores, and Mayor Office Building and road dividers. Accordingly, Some 25 million Birr spent on pharmacies, 30 million Birr allotted on the mayor’s office, another 23 million Birr on road dividers, and nine million Birr on schools.

Emphasizing efforts that are being put toward making Dessie a smart city, Samuel noted that nine asphalt roads, 16 schools, two public bus terminals, one bakery and wheat factory, asphalt plant, the Mayor Office building, are among the finalized projects that are going to be inaugurated soon.

Moreover, through opening public pharmacies in all sub cities as well as organizing drug suppliers companies, the city has created an opportunity for the public to find drugs with affordable price. “The bakery and wheat factory was built by Office of the First Lady.”

The city purchased asphalt plant, asphalt paver, loader, grader, excavator and other necessary equipment to answer the public’s demand for infrastructural development. The asphalt plant not only allowed changing the colorful stones with asphalt road but also enabling neighboring cities to de so the same.

The Mayor urged the consorted efforts of all stakeholders to sustain the development activities in Dessie.



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