Kellem Wollega turns face to dev’t activities

ADDIS ABABA – After settling down security problems that have been witnessed in the past nine years, Kellem Wollega is undertaking agricultural, infrastructural and investment activities, Zone’s Chief Administrator said.

Kellem Wollega Zone Chief Administrator Gemechu Gurmesa stated that his office is striving to achieve economic progress that had been paused for the past nine years for security reasons.

He said that the zone administration is conducting urban and rural development works to increase productivity and extra efforts will be exerted to utilize the abundant water and land resources to achieve economic progress.

According to him, the zone has more than 467 thousand of hectare land coffee plant and 367 thousand hectares of additional farmland is being prepared this year.

Gemechu recalled that 197 million coffee trees were planted in 2023/24 fiscal year to increase production and additional 378 million coffee saplings are being planted in the zone.

He further stated that over 150,000 quintals of fertilizer was distributed to 50 percent of famers reside in the zone, and over 4,000 quintals of selected seed has also been supplied.

In addition, the zone is also endeavoring to achieve progress in livestock, dairy and poultry production, he added.

According to Gemechu, Kellem Wollega has experienced security and development challenges since 2015 until peace restored by the joint efforts of the federal and the regional government security bodies.



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