Institute underscores green economy significance

ADDIS ABABA-The Federal Training and Vocation Institute revealed that encouraging environmentally friendly approach in conjugation with green skills would help realize sustainable future and ensure resilience green economy.

The Institute organized a half day discussion forum yesterday under the theme “ Green Skills for Green Jobs” in collaboration with GIZ, and forum aims at equipping the Ethiopian workforce with the green skills needed for a sustainable future.

Speaking at the outset of the forum, Institute Director General Biruk Kider (PhD) said that applying the concept of green skills in the technical and vocational sector will help build a responsible society and a green economy.

According to the Director General, Ethiopia has attached due emphasis to green economy for protecting environment. That is why the reformist government gives due attention to environmental protection even to the extent of substituting the fuel consumption vehicle to electric power consumption.

As to him, expanding the tourism attraction sites attests how the country gives due emphasis to green economy, but lack of skilled human power has been hindering the effort to realize country’s ambition.

“Ethiopia needs to draw important lessons from German, Finland, China, and Singapore with regard to producing proficient human power in green aspect. In a similar manner, stakeholders’ integration would bridge skilled human power,” he advised.

Presenting an initial discussion paper under the theme “Green analysis Policy Economic sub sectors and occupational standards” GIZ Green Skills Advisor Michael Aserat on his part said that Ethiopia is working hard in realizing green development.

He also noted that the country has signed international policies such as Paris declaration being part of solution in tackling climate change. The nation has also strived to ensure sustainable development goals (SDGs) 2030. It is also the pathway to bring a strategy called climate resilience green economy.

“We have been working hard to realize the ten years prosperity development plan in various sectors that would bring green economy, create jobs, and reduce wastage. For instance, cutting emission by 89 million tone, creating 3.6 million tourism jobs, and boost power from 4,478Megawatt to 19,900 megawatt are listed out,” he noted.



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