Great Bekoji Run brings dev’t to Town of Runners: MoT

BEKOJI –The Great Bekoji Run would hasten the development of Bekoji town through sport tourism besides producing vibrant athletes, Ministry of Tourism (MoT) said.

Attending the 2024 Ethio Telecom Great Bekoji Run,Tourism Minister Ambassador Nasise Chali said that the Great Bekoji Run is an important athletics competition, which promotes the development of Bekoji Town by expanding sport tourism as well as producing more professionals that will represent the nation in international tournaments.

The 3rd edition of the competition that incorporated cultural celebrations and food showcases was wrapped up last Sunday in the presence of young athletes, participants and Bekoji residents.

On the occasion, the Minister said that Bekoji is the origin of famous Ethiopian athletes who have honored their country on the Olympic stages and other international competitions and is still producing promising athletes.

The competition held to recruit aspirant athletes in the origin of world-class runners, she stated, adding that they are expected to achieve major victories in the future representing the nation in international tournaments.

She also expressed that the event promotes sport tourism thereby helps to expand infrastructure in the area to make the competition safe and attractive every year.

Mayor of Bekoji, Birhane Legese on her part said that sport tourism contributes a lot for the town’s development if all parties play their part in expanding infrastructures and enhancing services.

She said, “we need conducive sport ground and to have training facilities inorder to recruit great runners and change nation’s sport tourism activity.”

As to the Mayor, Bekoji has conducive environ for runners and investors for the availability of favorable climate and resources. She has also urged great runners of the town to engage in sport infrastructure development and other activities.

The 2024 Ethio Telecom Great Bekoji Run,which incorporated 12 km, 2000m and 800m races was organized by Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Great Ethiopian Run.

Bekoji town also known as the “Town of Runners” is located in the Arsi zone of Oromia state – famous for producing professional athletes that achieved international victories representing Ethiopia.


The Ethiopian Herald May 28/2024




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