COHESA, Africa CDC pledge support to Ethiopia’s health goals

ADDIS ABABA–Capacitating One Health in Eastern and Southern Africa (COHESA) and Africa CDC expressed support to Ethiopia to bring meaningful results in ending One Health (OH) problems.

Arusha Tanzania-based International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) Senior Scientist Theo Knight-Jones told The Ethiopian Herald that COHESA will continue supporting Ethiopia to address animals, humans, and environmental health challenges. By doing this, the program aims to close the government’s gaps through employing a multi-sectoral approach.

The scientist further highlighted the need to harmonize efforts with the education sector, which has been contributing to curb humans, animals and environmental health challenges.

“Various countries have been joining forces to address the aforementioned three areas of health problems. Ethiopia is on the right track to manage the contamination of food, humans, animals, and the environment and moves quickly though a lot remains to be done in this regard.”

According to him, establishing a viable structure and providing health education and training would play a critical role in addressing the health challenges and bringing better results in the area.

Africa CDC Antimicrobial-Resistant Program Technical Officer Mola Gudif for his part said that the African continent is still facing different diseases whilst most of them are transmitted. “To address the health challenges and bring Africans together for better achievements, an integrated approach should be a priority.”

The Africa CDC is helping the OH approach through education and research. In this regard, building the capacity of health professionals, encouraging community-level awareness, and raising the policymaker’s understanding of the problem are listed under education.

Also, the Africa CDC has been identifying gaps, increasing the body of evidence, encouraging intervention, and informing policymakers to bring better results in addressing the OH challenges and upholding Ethiopia’s commendable progress in the issue, Molla remarked.


The Ethiopian herald May 26/2024


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