Excelling tech to avail effective healthcare services

In recent years, technological advancements have revolutionized the healthcare industry, leading to more effective and accessible healthcare services around the globe. Different countries are leveraging technology in the health sector; and in turn it is immensely contributing to improve the delivery of healthcare services to their citizens.

According to experts, one of the key roles of technology is revolutionizing healthcare services through telemedicine. This innovative approach allows healthcare providers to remotely diagnose and treat patients using telecommunications technology. By deploying telemedicine, patients in remote areas can access medical expertise without the need to travel long distances to urban centers. Another significant technological advancement in healthcare is the implementation of electronic health records.

Similarly, Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems enable healthcare providers to securely store and access patients’ medical information, leading to improved coordination of care and more accurate diagnoses. Mobile Health (mHealth) solutions have also been instrumental in improving healthcare services. Through mobile apps and text messaging services, patients can receive vital health information, schedule appointments, and even consult with healthcare providers remotely. mHealth solutions have helped overcome barriers to access healthcare services in rural and underserved areas.

More importantly, implementing robust health information systems has been crucial in enhancing the delivery of healthcare services in different countries. These systems enable to easily collect and analyze health data, providing valuable insights for healthcare providers and policymakers to make informed decisions. Utilizing health information systems helps to track disease outbreaks, monitor population health trends and improve healthcare planning.

Recently, the Government of Ethiopia announced that it has been investing on innovation and technology infrastructure to ensure quality healthcare services.

The summit themed: “Promoting Health System Innovation to Enhance Healthcare Quality, Safety and Equity” has attracted various stakeholders from the country and other international organizations working on health.

During his keynote speech to the 8th National Healthcare Innovation and Quality Summit, Health State Minister Ayele Teshome (MD) said the number and type of innovation interventions implemented in Ethiopia have increased in recent years.

Not all, but some of these interventions were successful and have significantly improved the health system, he added.

According to him, innovations in medical technology, treatments and procedures are critical in improving quality and continuity of care.

Innovations such as digitization and automation in the health information system contribute significantly to identifying potential safety issues, preventing medical errors and ensuring accountability and learning opportunities.

Furthermore, innovation can help to address healthcare disparities and promote equity by improving access to care for the underserved population as well as overcome geographical barriers.

Ayele also noted that over the past ten years, various reform programs have been carried out and remarkable achievements obtained through innovation based solutions in the health sector.

Innovation and Technology State Minister Bayisa Bedada said on his part that science, technology and innovation play a crucial role in achieving 2030 sustainable development goals and Agenda 2063.

The government of Ethiopia has been carrying out various activities realizing that innovation contributes to the national economy of the county, he stated.

Bayisa added that the government has also been tirelessly working on legal frameworks, infrastructural and human development that would enable the sector to become competitive and effective.

On behalf of WHO Ethiopia Country Representative, Bejoy Nambiar (MD) said that the organization is committed to supporting the Ministry of Health in achieving strategic objectives of harnessing innovation for health systems quality, equity, and safety.

One of the key ways in which technology is revolutionizing healthcare in Ethiopia is through the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR). EHR systems allow healthcare providers to securely store and access patient information electronically, streamlining the healthcare process and improving overall patient care. Additionally, telemedicine is another tech solution that has been instrumental in providing healthcare services to remote areas in Ethiopia. Through telemedicine, patients can consult with healthcare providers via video conferencing, eliminating the need for long travel times to receive medical care.

On the other hand, while technology has brought many benefits to the healthcare industry in Ethiopia, there are also challenges that come with implementing tech solutions. One of the main challenges is the lack of infrastructure and resources in some areas of the country. However, through partnerships with tech companies and government initiatives, solutions are being developed to address these challenges and ensure that all Ethiopians have access to quality healthcare services.

Accordingly, it is imperative to see that the use of excelling tech in healthcare is transforming the way healthcare services are delivered in Ethiopia. From electronic health records to telemedicine, technology is improving patient care, increasing access to healthcare services, and making the overall healthcare process more efficient. By continuing to invest in tech solutions and infrastructure, Ethiopia is on track to provide effective and accessible healthcare services to all its citizens.

In sum, the integration of excelling tech in healthcare services has brought about significant improvements in the delivery of healthcare services in Ethiopia. From telemedicine to mobile health solutions, technology has enabled healthcare providers to reach more patients, improve care coordination, and enhance overall patient outcomes.

As Ethiopia continues to embrace technological innovations in healthcare, the future looks promising for the delivery of effective and accessible healthcare services through narrowing current sector challenges. With the rapid advancement of technology, the healthcare industry in Ethiopia is experiencing a major transformation. Excelling tech solutions are being implemented to provide effective and efficient healthcare services to the people.



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