Scholars call for pollution control

ADDIS ABABA – Scholars have urged relevant parities to work tirelessly to bring attitudinal change regarding smooth human-environment interactions and pollution control.

Recently, Addis Ababa Environmental Protection Authority hosted a discussion forum themed “Preventing pollution: Promoting Beautification” aiming at advocating environmental protection with active participation of academicians.

In the sideline event, Addis Ababa University Lecturer Molalegn Emirie said that his university is teaching environmental protection under its master’s and doctoral degree programs.

He told The Ethiopian Herald that the university has been carrying out various activities such as conducting environmental impact assessment, cleaning the environment with volunteer residents, and utilizing resources effectively to end pollution.

“Though Addis Ababa University has participated in river side projects, corridor, and parks development, no adequate outcome on environment protection has been recorded due to lack of stakeholders’ integration,” he cited.

He further stated that Addis required effective waste management system, improve policy and procedure, establish new system, and the likes to control environmental pollution.

Gofa Industrial College Deputy Dean, Bekele Godana on his part said that removing wastes and awakening the community must be done in a sustainable manner to achieve a clean environment.

Bekele stressed on the need to recycling wastes into biogas, which has a dual purpose in protecting the environment and generating energy at the same time.


The Ethiopian herald May 19/2024


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