Ethiopia toiling to utilize livestock potential: Ministry

ADDIS ABABA – Efforts are being put towards facilit ating market chain to generate income as per to nation’s livestock population potential, Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)disclosed.

Ministry’sDisaster and Risk Reduction and Inclusive Economy Value Improvement Project National Coordinator JemalAleye told The Ethiopian Herald that the country is striving to unlock the potentials of its immense livestock population in Africa.

Thus, he said, several activities that focuses on farming communities, which covers about 60% of the total land, 23% animals, 42% cattle as well as 60% of sheep and goats including areas that have huge camel population, are being undertaken.

With the support of developmental partners such as WBG, there are also ongoing activities to establish quality animal center, market and laboratories so as to increase export, he noted.

So far, the construction of animal centers in Mile and Jigjiga have come to an end while preparation are underway tobegin road and logistic works to transport animals from Mile to Djibouti, Jigjiga to Djibouti, and from Jigjiga to port of Berbera, Jemal expressed.

Moreover, he indicated that the draft assessment that was carried out to build animal centers where the Ethiopian Airlines is located was presented to concerned bodies in order commence exporting sheep and goats to different countries.

Similarly, some one billion Birr has been allocated to make pastoralists direct beneficiaries through organizing and linking them with consumers, as to him.

Since drought has remained the major challenge that the country face in different times, livestock insurance is already being offered to pastoralists through the project, he expressed.

Highlighting that the project is being implemented in five states, 187 districts and nine clusters, the Coordinator emphasized that it protect pastoralists from losing all of their cattle whenever they face disaster.

He further noted that the insurance is being implemented by 115million USD budget allowing pastoralists cover 20% while the project covers the rest 80% of the insurance.


 The Ethiopian herald May 19/2024


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