Ethiopia continues electricity supply to Sudan, albeit unsettled payment

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s continued electricity supply to Sudan, despite the latter’s failure to settle the payments, showcases the execution of its Foreign Policy that centers on fostering good neighborliness, the Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) said.

Approached by The Ethiopian Herald, EEP Executive Director Ashebir Balcha stated that the electricity supply to Sudan is continued unabated despite the latter’s inability to settle the payments due to the ongoing civil war.

Ethiopia has been exerting efforts to make Sudan pay over the 130 million USD debt of electricity provision of the past two years; however, it has not suspended power supply to its neighbor. “This is a clear manifestation of Ethiopia’s Foreign Policy which prioritizes fostering cooperation with neighboring states.”

The director further noted that Ethiopia’s Foreign Policy also promotes cooperation and standing with its neighbors during their difficult times. Evidently, Sudan was paying some money to the electricity supply during the COVID-19 outbreak, but the internal problems that have broken out in the country impeded it from paying the remaining.

Previously, Sudan imported some 200MW of electricity from Ethiopia on a daily basis; however, the damage that has occurred on electric infrastructure and other facilities reduced the supply to 80MW, he added.

“The Ethiopian government has the principled stance on fostering mutual growth with neighboring countries and amidst the shortage of foreign currency; it prefers to stand by Sudan during its difficult time.”

Currently, the two countries have been exchanging data via national power control stations and Ethiopia aims to employ the electricity supply to secure foreign currency and get additional access to the sea, Ashebir elaborated.



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