Program on right track to achieve Nat’l electric access

ADDIS ABABA— The updated version of 2019 (NEP 2:0) National Electrification Program helps achieve universal electricity access nationwide in 2030 through both on-grid and off-grid schemes tailoring, Ministry of Water and Energy (MoWE) said.

Senior Energy Advisor of MoWE ‘s State Minister, Gosaye Mengiste told the Ethiopian Press ( EPA) that the program is being implemented at least-cost technology ranges by geographic location to ensure timely access provision and priority to disadvantaged groups of rural community, and social institutions.

He said, “Our focus is to bring clean energy to more Ethiopians, promoting sustainable solutions, and fostering a thriving marketplace for off-grid options by unlocking investment, empower innovation, and drive a greener future.”

Ethiopia is endowed with various renewable and clean energy resources potential. However, out of 120 million populations, more than 60 million people still lack access to electricity, he said.

He stressed that to overcome this challenge ; the government has released an ambitious National “Electrification Program of revised (NEP 2:0) to achieve national electrification access in short time along with mega project work expansion.

The Program is started implementing a sector-wide approach for the design, implementation and securing Ethiopia’s energy is necessary as prerequisite to enhance growth and development of our rural communities,” he said.

Therefore, in this program civil society and other stakeholders need to exchange their views and experience in the development of renewable energy sources and technologies in coordinate manner to attain energy development goal of the country, he added.

Here the ministry recognizes the critical role of the private sector, particularly ESEDA in boosting the NEP forward and unwavering, endeavors commitment to advancing the Ethiopian solar energy sector by continuing its vita contribution. “We are particularly pleased with our collaborative effort in developing the updated Ethiopian Solar Customs Handbook. This valuable resource will significantly streamline procedures for the solar energy sector.”

Ethiopian Solar Energy Development Association (ESEDA), General Manger Tewabech Workie on her part said that they have been working ten years in Ethiopia mainly to benefit rural community to use solar energy.

“We work with MoWE in solar, renewable energy when they set plan and with private, public and development partners in taskforce by facilitating the taskforce that work on solar that led by MoWE. ESEDA plays a crucial role in shaping the future renewable energy, protect consumer and distributor and closely working with states energy to distribute imported solar energy products in rural areas,” she added.




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