Audacious step for ensuring lasting peace

The government of Ethiopia has more than anytime else prioritized peace and security and working for the successfulness of close talks, dialogs and national and, continental peace deals. Besides, the country has been working to effectively deal with the recurrent crisis, civil war, ethnic violence, famine and hunger via fostering peace and security. No doubt, the government is committed enough to ensure peace through holding close talks and dialog with either armed forces, military group, or individuals with indifferent outlook.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been having close discussions with the community at every part of the nation, for instance with Guraghe community recently. The society in turn expressed commitment to back the effort of the government and to make its trek towards stability fertile. Even the national dialogue commission has called on armed forces in some parts of the nation to come to the right track so as to back the effort geared towards peace and serenity.

Recognizing the significance of holding community discussion towards ensuring peace and security, the government has lent its expertise and support the general public to enhance the nation’s peace effort. Such momentous discussion forums and close talks are of significantly useful in boosting the peaceful scenario. With the overall objective of contributing to national efforts for achieving sustainable peace and stability in Ethiopia, public discussions the government has been conducting comprehensively are quite pivotal. Here, all citizens have to be committed to effectively address the challenges and opportunities that arise in the pursuit of sustainable peace.

The public discussions are testaments to the closer collaboration between the society and the government. Since insecurity is playing a role in preventing all citizens from effectively discharging their respective duties and responsibilities that help come up with change and growth, peace has to be well taken care of by all citizens.

True, it is time for the country to call for coordinated effort for marching against elements working to make the country restless and polarize its people by undermining national unity. Needless to state, peace and development can be attained through preaching the general public about peace and advice them leading a harmonious way of living.

As Ethiopians in general have long experienced the blessings of unity and coexistence, everyone has to make their own contribution to peace effort. Yes, the involvement of every citizenry or their representatives would unequivocally play a paramount role in reinvigorating peace efforts. Though the Ethiopian government is working hard to come up with peace and stability, there is still a long way to go.

Since Ethiopians do not open the door for forces seeking to undermine their unity and coexistence, it would be easy to come up with peace and stability. Yes, sustainable peace can only be achieved by thinking about peace, living peacefully, and teaching peace. Hence, everyone has to be committed to ensure peace.

As per the call made by Prime Minister, all Ethiopians have to consolidate unity for peace, national coexistence, and strengthening fraternity. In so doing, it would be possible to bend evil stance of elements for dividing the nation and polarizing its people.

In a nutshell, there is an urgent need for a peace process, and the Ethiopian government has been ready to ensure peace by working closely with those who are peacefully struggling for peace and national stability. So long as the country is working to confidently ensure peace and stability, the general public, institutions working on the area, the international community has to back the nation thereby helping it get the root causes of conflict and disagreements dried for good. Civil society organizations are also responsible for adjusting conditions for fruitful public discussions as they have had close ties and vicinity with the community.



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