Are We Indeed that Close!

This time around there seems to be quite legitimate reasons to fear that the World War III would finally begin. (Did I use the term ‘finally!’ It’s astounding how some of us have arrived at this stage. It is as if we have concluded it – World War III – was going to happen sometime soon as if it was written on some ancient stone tablet by those who, so go the narratives, could predict what would happen hundreds even thousands of years into the future. In fact prophesies spiritual or otherwise believed to deal with the enviable World War III.

Who’s talking peace? That’s what you’re forced to ask? Who is actually trying to ease things? We’re waiting for the Third World War because many have speculated it is only around the corner; “What makes you think anybody else would take your conclusions as the final word?”

A few minutes after new as of Iranian’s attack on Israel came out the social media was bursting with shocking headlines “The Third world war has started.”

The controversies in the wider region have been there are there and would probably stay there for the foreseeable future. While the risk of wider part of many of the narratives the world war scare has been getting louder the past few years. It is if the world has reached some sort of a consensus as to where and how (or by whom) the war it would start. Apart from the politically chiseled narratives there are also the prophesies which these days have become part of the mainstream tales. There are those of us who didn’t lose time to dig into the scriptures and conclude the Iranian attack on Israel was already prophesized; meaning no one could do anything about it.

In the older days whenever talk of still another and much more devastating world war comes around many feel like the powers that be are playing on their fears. By the way fear, so they say, is the most lethal deterrent preventing one from taking any action one would take. “Do they think we’re a bunch of fools to fall for such ill-thought elementary ruses? We know that they are doing this to keep their power chairs warm! For them to keep on sitting warm and comfortably do we have to jump out of our skin horrified!”

Times have changed and reality is hitting as hard as hard comes. Reactions like “You must be kidding!” at being informed that another world war is a few blocks down the road are no more about humanity as a whole. They are no more about all people wherever they are, whatever denomination or political system they adhere to, whatever nationality they are have every right to live peacefully and shouldn’t be bullied by anyone. No, such days are long gone, if they had ever been really present that is. Now many of us would prefer to be kept out of the End Times (Some think World War III is the curtain raiser!) arguments. But such things come knocking in ways and at times one least expects. Some are mentioning parts from the scriptures to justify that this one is without mistake the real start of the world war.

At times seeing what goes in almost all corners of the globe one’s pardoned to ask, “Is the world really worried about the next world war? I mean is it worried enough to act to do something about it so that what some refer as ‘The war to End All Wars’ wouldn’t happen. Except the unending narratives which mostly come from the political and spiritual sides. from the mainstream and by and large the social media the ‘common man’ has yet to take to the streets and demand politicians do something to stop the approaching mayhem. International organizations who claim they always work for the undivided peace of all mankind should have taken front row in the narratives battle and disseminate 24/7 massages of peace and brother hood which the world needs much at present.

The headlines are blaring. One says, Putin bellows, “We will not sit idly by and do nothing if Biden supports Israel.” Now this is no small matter. In fact that’s one sign that any escalation after the anticipated Israeli retaliation would not be an issue between the two feuding countries only. No, no way! If the sources have given us the news as it is then the Russian leader talking in such strong terms would lead us to say, “We said it! We said it over and again! That part of the world is where the World War III would start!

In better times we would have said, “We are tired of those who are try to scare the hell out of us by repeating the narratives of another world war! They are talking about what they want to see happen and not what actually would happen.” I was talking with this gentleman and we were talking about this Israeli retaliation issue.

“The Americans say they wouldn’t take part.”

“What do you mean?”

“They say in the event of Israeli retaliation they would not be part of it. In fact others are cautioning the Israelis not to retaliate.”

“What! So do they expect the Israelis to sit down with put doing nothing?”

I tried to argue with him that this wasn’t about egos and that the fear was that it might trigger wider conflicts leading to global war. He didn’t budge and he’s not alone. In the social media too there are those who go as far as stating that if Israelis’ response causes a world war so be it!

Meanwhile the headlines are getting scarier. By the time this piece hits the newsstands a lot of things might happen. The situation is that volatile.

The headlines are getting scarier;

Is Iran’s ‘Unprecedented Attack’ Against Israel A Sign Of World War III?

IDF Wants To Respond With Nuclear To Iran’s Attack!

If US Joins Israel To ATTACK Iran, Global Economy Will Be CHAOTIC!

What more do we need to understand that we’re trying to balance on a knife’s edge and that isn’t the smartest thing to do? Better face reality as it is and not as we’d like it to be. Are we indeed that close to World War Three!


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