Ethiopia’s inclusive, expanding diplomacy fostering win-win approach through shared values

It prevails understanding that Ethiopia has actually made significant breakthroughs in smoothing the course of its effective diplomatic technique with a broad range of countries globally, putting itself as a country heading in the appropriate direction more than ever before.

Over the previous years, the nation has actually developed a solid pledge to supporting connections with both local and international companions. Aside from that, the nation has actually participated in enhancing financial connections, fostering tranquility plus safety as well as taking on typical difficulties via synergy.

Ethiopia, an anchor nation in the restive Horn of Africa region, has remained committed to playing a constructive role in peace and development, Foreign Affairs State Minister Mesganu Arga told local media.

In his exclusive interview that covered wide ranging diplomatic and regional issues, the State Minister noted that Ethiopia is a major player for stability and development endeavors in the Horn of African region.

“The Horn of Africa is a turbulent region where Ethiopia’s role in terms of peace and development has been one of the key areas the country has been contributing to the regional peace and stability. Ethiopia has played a constructive role in Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan.”

He further stated that Ethiopia is contributing its fair share to global collective diplomatic engagements and regional partnership.

According to Mesganu, the country’s foreign policy is anchored on the major pillars such as strengthening partnership with neighboring countries and economic integration. In particular, the current foreign policy stresses sustained economic growth by achieving joint regional development and peace. So, “the focus is largely on promoting peace, stability, development and mutual interest in the sub-region, Africa, and the global community,” the state minister elaborated.

Speaking on the changing dynamics in the region and beyond, Mesganu said that promoting peace is a key area that Ethiopia has been collaboratively working with the international community and the neighboring countries. In this respect, he acknowledged that the current geopolitical developments are affecting the greater Red Sea area, Middle East, and the globe at large.

The nation has actually played a crucial function in moderating disputes and fostering tranquility in the Horn of Africa and beyond. Other than that Ethiopia has effectively assisted in settlements in between bordering nations and has actually been a driver behind the current tranquility arrangement.

Ethiopia’s dedication to diplomacy that focuses on tranquility plus common growth is essential for progressing the typical goals of nations in the Horn of Africa. As one of the essential countries in the Horn of Africa Ethiopia plays a substantial role in promoting security and also participation amongst its neighbors.

While on the subject, according to Foreign Minister Taye Atske Selassie, Ethiopia has registered grand diplomatic achievements over the last 6 years. In his opening remark to a panel discussion organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the accomplishments gained during the reform years, FM Taye said Ethiopia has prevailed despite challenges.

According to him, Ethiopia still remains the regional power pool. Through its efforts to ensure peace and security in neighboring countries, Ethiopia has played unparalleled role in maintaining stability in the Horn of African (HoA) region, the minister noted, according to information obtained from a local media. Joining BRICS was a remarkable achievement that will have paramount effect in uplifting the country’s diplomatic gains, the minister stated.

Furthermore, FM Taye pointed out that the Green Legacy Initiative spearheaded by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was among the very commendable achievements in terms of climate change mitigation. Had the over 32 billion trees planted through the initiative been monetized, it would have been billions of USD worth investment on environmental protection, he emphasized.

The Minister pointed out that political sovereignty is often eroded due to poverty, adding that Ethiopia has in this regard accelerated its journey to ensure food security through boosting production and productivity of dry season wheat. Ethiopia is currently cultivating dry season wheat on 3 million hectares of land, and is expecting to harvest 120 million quintals. He stressed that the reform has enabled Ethiopia to ensure its development right with regard to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) through diplomacy.

In actual fact, on the subject of the ongoing diplomatic journey of the country and its achievements wide spectrums of scholars have been expressing their ideas and thoughts.

In the recent past, speaking to the Ethiopia Press Agency (EPA) Dila University Peace and Security Studies Lecturer Yenenesh Temesgen (PhD) stated that the country has retained its longstanding principle of peaceful co-existence with neighboring states and non aggression.

Yenenesh also stated that Ethiopia has employed both the hard and soft diplomacy that makes the country a symbol of victory and unity in the African continent. Accordingly, Ethiopia won the Battle of Adwa with hard diplomacy and showed its capacity to repel aggression. The country’s soft diplomacy is also helping African countries to forge economic unity.

Efforts should be made to fight the destructive attempts of some interest groups that have been engaged in straining Ethiopia’s relations with the rest of HoA countries. Therefore, Ethiopia should make adequate preparations to withstand the pressures that are arising from its seaport aspiration and devising strong diplomacy that involves ideas from different directions.

In addition, it is necessary to build citizens’ understanding of seaport’s benefits for Ethiopia’s political stability and economic prowess. Ethiopia’s landlocked status has forced the country to pay heavy security and economic price and its sovereign access to the sea would enable it to benefit from the geo-politics and become active player in the region.

It is expected from every citizen to work for better Ethiopia and by supplementing its peace and development endeavors, they need to help the country to become the leading player in the Horn of Africa’s socio-economic and political affairs.

In a press briefing held in recent times, MoFA State Minister, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano said that about 250,000 people have visited the Diplomacy Week and Exhibition that was displayed for 48 days at Science Museum. She stated that some 639 public and private institutions’ delegations have paid a visit to the exhibition that demonstrated country’s successful diplomatic journey.

During the presser, Ambassador Birtukan recognized institutions which contributed a significant role in making the exhibition attractive and meaningful.

“Since the launching to the closing, the Ethiopian Press Agency was playing critical role. It had been contributing fine works of audio-visual products and designs until the closing of the exhibition,” she said.

The Diplomacy Week and Exhibition vividly showcased the historic diplomatic journey of Ethiopia not only to Ethiopians, but also to all diplomatic communities residing here in Addis Ababa, according to the State Minister.

It was aimed to display the past, present and future diplomacy and all tasks have been successfully done accordingly. Diplomatic community members, guests of the African Union ordinary summit, and celebrities have visited the exhibition, she stated.

Alongside the exhibition, Ambassador Birtukan mentioned that two diplomatic journals, highlighting Ethiopia’s bilateral and multilateral diplomatic engagements, and the 116 years of diplomatic journey of MoFA have been launched.

In an exclusive interview with the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) African Affairs General Director Ambassador Fisseha Shawol said that the government has continued building infrastructural integration with neighboring countries. If we see the development projects of Ethiopia, they are all linked with neighbors and from our neighbors it will go further into the continent. On the other side, it will also help to link the continent with the rest of the world.

The government also joined the BRICS plus bloc and enhanced its integration with regional, continental and international organizations as a part of the fulfillment to its inclusive foreign policy.

The government is not only focusing on improving domestic issues, but also endeavoring to realize regional and continental development.

The government is engaging in the global diplomacy to replicate the successful history that Ethiopia had been through during the earlier times. Likewise, the government is now striving to realize regional and continental integration that could lead all to a holistic development, he indicated.

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