Dialogue, reconciliation the best mix for ways forward

When citizens embark on an opted path after a heated and extensive deliberation topped by consensus, they could slam shut the door on internal and external retrogressive and subversive elements as well as historic enemies that try to optimize own benefit at the cost of an ancient nation all-out to reshape its fate in better ways.

As the path sought would be preceded by meticulous decisions backed by win-win deals entailing preemptive measures, destructive acts could hardly create logjams on the path. Rather, citizens will stand in unison for the translation of roadmaps into action. That is why the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission (ENDC) is called for. ENDC has set an agenda and discussed with representatives of regional states. This has to be strengthened.

It is to be recalled that for long, Ethiopia has been rocked by fifth columnists as well as some of its citizens, here and abroad, that intentionally or otherwise marred its peace. Sadly, at every historic bends attempts to bring peace resorting to firearms were short-lived. Such bids were ones that were divorced from ensuring the amenities of modern life not to speak about affluence.

After the wind of change wafted across the country’s sky, the door was wide opened for all to converge in their motherland setting their differences aside. As such, almost all were motivated to set nation’s all-rounded developmental take off ablaze. Even those incarcerated were set free to hold the torch of peace and development high. The targeted were assured of immunity. Though many have utilized the favorable situation created for better ends, as the saying goes old habits die hard, some have lapsed to their fifth columnists role. This has continued inserting a poke in nation’s wheel of development and polluting its atmosphere of peace. Although, tolerant, the government tried to handle the situation smoothly war erupted. After two-year war the problem got a solution round a horse-shoe table.

Knowing full well the worth of a minutes’ tranquility, the incumbent, in the process of reform, is striving to resolve disputes in an amicable way parallel to creating a narrative that buys credence. It as well has rolled its sleeve to set the dialogue ball rolling. The moderators are chosen in such a way that banned affiliation to a given party.

Citizens in every corner are pinpointing individuals better placed to represent them in the dialogue. The fact that the commission is basking under the support of the general public and opposition parties is heartwarming. What is more, cognizant of the paramount role ENDC could play the diplomatic community and other international organizations are extending financial and material aids. This too is heartening. Hopefully, those that made a pledge to buttress the commission are expected to do the same.

Allowing ENDC’s objectives sink in, citizens must show their solidarity to the objectives’ fructification. As the national dialogue being the first of its kind, not expecting hurdles would be a fantasy. Therefore, drawing lessons from countries that went through such similar harrowing situations is a must. Not willing to participate in such dialogue while begging to differ doesn’t sound good. Troubleshooting problems arising from differences is civilization not demonization. Forwarding common solutions to common problems is a task expected of nation loving citizens. A love to a nation is gauged by one’s brick contribution towards building that nation.

All said, it must be noted that the nation should adopt confession and forgiveness as a means of reconciliation, behind which the country should throw its full weight. Healing could be realized this way, for admitting one’s mistake and asking apologies are a step ahead to forestall similar carnages in the future. The government of Rwanda has pursued reconciliation with great determination in the belief that it is the only moral alternative to post-massacre challenges. We have to follow suit, for communities must be mobilized and reshaped for social, political and economic reconstruction.


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