Ethiopian Movie Man takes honor as a judge in upcoming international film festivals

Ethiopian International Film Festival Director, Yirgashewa Teshome will be honorable guest and judge at the BRICS and the 46th Moscow International film festivals, according to a press release by Linkage Arts Work Center. The release stated that the BRICS Film Festival will take place beginning April 17-26/ 2024 and the invitation for Yirgashewa is a historical phenomenon. It makes it historical because it happened in the aftermath of Ethiopia’s membership request to the Bricks block gained acceptance and the Country became officially member of the block, the press release added.

In line with his judge activities, Yirgashewa, during his stay in Moscow, is expected to meet officials and discuss partnerships between the two festivals and the establishment of cultural relations between Russia and Ethiopia.

Yirgashewa is a film artist and founder Director of the Ethiopian Film Festival. He has earned his second degree in developmental studies from Addis Ababa University. He also has been representing Ethiopia in different international occasions in Africa, Europe and the USA as he continued sharing his knowledge to the International community. Yisrgashew as well is an author of two books published in English language and released for the international market. He is also known for publishing different works of research, which were published in different journals.

Informations indicate that the first contact made bay Ethiopians and Russians dated back to 1370 when the religion pilgrims of the two countries met in Palestine.


The Ethiopian herald April 19/2024


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