How second-generation Ethiopian Diasporas contribute to national economy

The diaspora’s experience in numerous areas such as modern technology, medication, financing along with entrepreneurship can assist drive advancement, boost facilities, and also enhance financial industries. By sharing their proficiency, the diaspora can proactively join forming Ethiopia’s future and also add to its development.

The second-generation Ethiopian Diaspora returning home can cultivate social exchange as well as enhance the nation’s social identification. Having actually experienced various societies and also customs, diaspora participants can aid preserve along with advertise Ethiopia’s abundant social heritage. They can work together with regional neighborhoods to revive typical techniques, sustain creative undertakings, as well as maintain aboriginal languages.

This exchange of suggestions plus social variety can improve Ethiopia’s social textile as well as produce a dynamic as well as comprehensive culture.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, apart from reconnecting second-generation Ethiopian Diasporas with their ancestral root, the extensive homecoming programs also aim to harnessing their contribution for the national economy.

In a press briefing held recently, Tourism State Minister Seleshi Girma stated that the programs serve as a push factor for the Diaspora to come and do business at home and benefit themselves and their people.

Various programs are underway with the aim of promoting the country’s untapped tourism potential to foreign-born Ethiopians and also to the rest of the world. Moreover, such programs are of great significance to familiarize the Diasporas with local cultures and customs during their stay at home.

Accordingly, the nation is preparing different homecoming programs including Ethiopian Week, cultural handmade art show, traditional musical instruments display, musical performances, cultural clothes exhibitions, and fashion shows.

“The visiting program prepared for Ethiopian Diasporas who may come from all corners of the globe and the invitation aims to reconnect them with their ancestral roots and contribute to the nation’s economic progress through exploring the vast market and investment opportunities.”

Noting the discount made by the Ethiopian Airlines and hotels in all parts of the country, the state minister called for the overwhelming response from the second-generation Ethiopian Diasporas to come and visit their country of origin.

The Ethiopian diaspora’s return can help with understanding transfer coupled with ability structure. By developing links with regional colleges, proving ground, as well as occupation training facilities, diaspora participants can share their competence as well as coach the future generation of Ethiopian specialists.

This transfer of expertise can aid boost academic possibilities, and equip regional neighborhoods. In addition, the diaspora can join exchange programs, teaching fellowships, as well as collective tasks additional enriching Ethiopia’s intellectual funding and also advertising long-lasting understanding.

More than 74,000 second-generation of Ethiopian Diaspora have visited their ancestral homeland in the first phase alone, according to the Ethiopian Diaspora Service.

It is worth recalling that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) initiated this homecoming program to reconnect the Second-generation Ethiopian Diaspora with their origin and inspire them in order to contribute to the development of the country.

Ethiopian Diaspora Service Community Development Acting Director Nebyu Solomon told local media that the second generation of Ethiopian Diaspora has been invited to come in three-rounds from 30th December 2023 to the end of September 2024.

According to the acting director, the first-phase homecoming under the motto “Connect to Your Culture” was carried out from 30th December to 8th February 2024.

In the first-round more than 74,000 second-generation Ethiopian Diaspora have come to their homeland, adding that it is a satisfactory turn out and was imperative to offer informative events about Ethiopian history as well as culture.

Nebyu highlighted that the first-round homecoming program was successful, stating, second-generation Diaspora members have demonstrated their enthusiasm, and many expressed satisfaction with their experience. He further indicated that those Diaspora members have pledged to play a role in Ethiopia’s development endeavors.

The second-generation Ethiopian Diaspora members have also visited various tourism cities of the country and the ongoing development projects in the country, he indicated.

And the second-round homecoming under the motto “Connect to Your History” has been already launched and will last till 8th May 2024, Nebyu stated. In this phase, opportunities will be facilitated to the Diaspora members in order to visit heritage sites including the newly built Adwa Victory Memorial Museum.

Nebyu underscored that the visit will help them to properly realize Ethiopia’s role in Pan-Africanism, stating “We hope to inspire them to carry this legacy forward.”

It is recalled that in a press briefing he held lately, Ethiopian Airlines Group Chief Commercial Officer, Lemma Yadecha stated that the Airline has also prepared a tour program for guests at a discounted price through ET Holidays.

The officer further noted that special preparation is underway at Skylight Hotel to warmly welcome those members of second-generation Ethiopian Diasporas who are coming in three rounds.

“Some of them have already arrived, some are on the way and others are preparing to come. We understand that our discount packages have gotten a good response from the Diasporas and they continue arriving here in great numbers.”

The ET Holidays on the other hand offer tour packages for members of the second-generation Diaspora to visit tourist attraction sites that are under construction and have been built inside Addis Ababa at the recommended price.

Thus, the guests could get the information and register into the Ministry of Tourism’s website if they need to visit such attractions. Also, in collaboration with the Ethiopian Tour and Travel Operators, the Airliner is preparing a one-day city tour program for about 100 guests free of charge, Lemma elaborated.

According to him, the Airline’s decision to reduce the price of plane tickets and hotel accommodation is complying with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s invitation for the second-generation Ethiopian Diasporas to visit their homeland.

Ethiopian has been contributing its share on several occasions when the PM extended similar calls for members of the Diaspora.” Similar homecoming programs are underway for the second-generation Ethiopian Diaspora in a bid to enable the latter to explore the existing opportunities in their country of origin, the officer remarked.

Coinciding with the upcoming major holidays and break time, Ethiopia is expected to enjoy numerous arrivals of second generation homecoming initiative, the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) announced.

While commencing the second round homecoming program, Tourism Minister Ambassador Nasisie Chali in the recent past said that in connection with Adwa victory commemoration and other related side events, the Diaspora community has been actively taking part in a wide range of involvements thereby registering remarkable achievements.

Aligning with the theme of the second round, “Connect to your historical roots,” which will be held from the end of February 2024 to beginning of May 2024, she stated that chains of side events, panel discussions among many others are planned to be carried out with a view of reconnecting homecomers with their history to realize the nation’s development.

“As March break and grand holidays such as Ramadan and Easter are observed this time, the number of influxes is increasing. Also, the guests have attended the grand Iftar programs in various areas of the country,” she underscored.

Accordingly, “This round would help Diasporas discover the history of their homeland and understand the roots of their ancestral patriotism and selfless scarification paid by our forefathers and foremothers to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of their country throughout various periods,” she remarked.

During the first round, a large number of second generation Ethiopians have visited various parts of the country thereby experiencing the diverse cultures, traditions, customs and unique features of Ethiopian people, as to Amb. Nasisie.

In their stay, she said adding that the diaspora have also participated in various events and managed to spend a fruitful and enjoyable time.

It is worth remembering that the first round homecoming was held from the end of December 2023 to the beginning of February 2024 under the theme: “Connect to your multi-cultural roots.”

Welcoming the arrivals, Ministry of Foreign Affairs State Minister, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano said that this phase is the unique one because it comes while commemorating the nation’s successful transformation journey and the 13 anniversary of Abbay Dam, and, thus it would create the opportunity to grasp the continuity of the development of the sovereign nation.

Announcing the successful continuation of the initiative, the State Minister expressed her office’s readiness to strengthen the coordination activities along with partners and embassies.

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