SOS! – “Save Our Souls”

There seem to be too many secrets these days. So many that if someone distributed them most us we’d have more than we can carry around. (Yes, I’m taking it a little overboard, am I not? Don’t blame me! Few things if any are described as they actually are inch for inch.

A little ‘stretching’ here; a little ‘fattening’ there; a little more ‘noisy’ here’ and there; unfortunately, that’s a how the world works these days. Speaking the truth as it is and as it should be seems to be an outdated notion and it probably wouldn’t get you the applause your more innocent genes would have expected. Few would say, “Poor guy. I feel sorry for him because he is so out of the world and thousands of miles away from reality!” Reality being that this world of ours, this world we’re pummeling so viciously that since sometime back it has been difficult to recognize; (“Don’t tell me this is the same place we’ve spent most of our lives in!”) this world which by the day and by the hour is taking such unexpected, and sometimes worrying, detours towards even more unwelcome times; bending of the truth to satisfy specific goals of individuals or groups, has become a world of exaggerations and rewrites of genuine stories changing entire storylines.

So spinning secrets from agendas which don’t deserve a minute’s attention seems to have become the norm. The goal here is to give whatever ‘agenda’ is scheduled to be presented some sort of a five-star status. The conventional wisdom, no one knows where it took such dimensions, seems to be that if it is a secret then it’s important. Surely it’d not fair to accuse of having pea brains for coming such conclusions. Yes, whether we like it or not attaching the concept ‘important’ to ‘secret’ is not isolated and notion only few people entertain. While the depths vary individually the majority of us are already in the waters wet and getting wetter.

So despite repeatedly having been frustrated whenever someone says, “I’ve a big secret to tell you,” our entire systems go into overdrive. Don’t ask me why we’re so eager to hear secrets be they personal and concerning individuals which we might know or are total strangers. I’ve no idea! If some person comes close to your ears and whispers, “I’ve a big secret to tell you,” the immediate reaction would most probably be taking your ears closer the source. Of course that’s not guarantee that your craving for secrets would be satisfied.

No way! With the danger of some thinking “This guy is so pessimistic there must be something very wrong about him!” I can tell you that most of the time frustration is at the door; a slight push and yours would be another spoiled day.

“So what’s the secret?” you ask eager to be blessed with fresh information many would never have the chance to hear.
“I’ll tell you tomorrow,” the guy responds. ‘Tomorrow! But how the hell do you think I’d pass all those hours after you promised to tell me a big secret!’ your systems go head over heel within. Why didn’t’ the wait until, tomorrow and told you then! I have a theory.

Every soul these days having become sort of unintentional thriller buff creating those moments of suspense and longing is reason enough to pat one’s back; “That’s my boy! You nailed it like even the Ludlum’s of the world would find hard and difficult to emulate.”
Anyways tomorrow comes and it’s time for some real action. You can’t wait first to find out what the ‘the secret’ is all about and then passing it over to those you consider are close to you with the warning, “This’s a secret and don’t tell it to anyone!” the melodrama about secrets in this nation of ours is that there are so many who are warned ‘not to tell it to anyone,’ that one could actually wonder who were the real ‘any ones! So the eager you couldn’t wait for the secret holder to come and tell you about the thing you have even be dreaming about without having the slightest idea what it might be!
Before even a proper, ‘good mornings and ‘how was your night?” sort of compulsory small talk launchers you shoot; “What was the secret you promised to tell me?”
“Oh, that secret! I almost forgot about it!” What! What the hell does that mean? How can he “forget about it” if it was as an important secret as he made it sound!
“Yes, that secret.” Cool, and measured! After all, you have to be the nicest two-legged creature on earth since you have been ‘singled out’ to hear about an ‘important secret.’
And the guy, without the slightest sign of being agitated tells you, “Have you heard the rumors that our boss is suspected of having an affair with that new girl at finance?” you wait for the juice o of the story and when it doesn’t come you jokingly say, “I’m waiting.” His forehead is turned into a multi-fold piece of skin and flesh. “Waiting for what!”
“Of course for the main part of the story!”
“I just told you the whole secret!”
Can you imagine yourself in such a scenario? You’d think you are not going to deal with any ‘secret’ which comes from whoever. Even those who almost claim they sat down for cups of coffee with some angels of VIP status and even the Creator Himself
“We’ll have a meeting tomorrow at four in the morning?”
“Meeting! About what?”
“You’d know at the meeting.”
“No you tell me now so I can come prepared.”
“You don’t have to prepared or do anything like that.”
“So, why are you not telling me what we’d be discussing about?”
“Because it’s a bog secret.” Aha! Then you’d be early so that you can find one of those front row seats.”
Next morning no one beats you to the front row seat. After the usual opening theatrics some guy thanks the participants for turning up and goes directly into the issue of the day or ‘The Secret!’
“Today we gather to talk about how we can keep our compound clean!” What! “Mayday; Mayday!” Most secrets these days are indeed so foolishly insane an SOS call wouldn’t be out of place!
Yes; Save Our Souls!

Ephrem Endale Contributer
The Ethiopian Herald April 14/2024

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