Fortunately, it resuscitates

As mother nature’s

Punitive measure

Against a society

In maintaining

The statuesque

That doesn’t bother,

Our rivers

Had become subject

To a water thirst,

To the extent

Of projecting

Rocky ribs

Terrifyingly protruded out

For easy count!


But now thanks to

The all-out, terrace making

And reafforestation effort

Of each catchment

Farmers have made a point

And also to the afforestation

Move of the government

Rivers aside from quenching

Their insatiable thirst

Have resumed

To brim over

With floods

Drinking water

To their hearts’ content.

Our forests once stripped of

Their wooded cover

Have started, fast, to recover

From afar they are seen

Robed eye-catching green

From a fry-pan sky

Allowing a shelter

Also busy

Carbon to sequester.

Wild animals

That migrated

Have preferred

Back their way to find.

Now farmers don’t have

Deep to dig

To sink a water well

Or find a nearby spring.

Birds are heard chirruping

Be it winter, summer or spring,

While Brooks bubbling.

Buzzing and hovering

From this to that flower

Bees are producing

Organic honey by the hour.

Promising a bumper harvest

Farmer’s plots have

Fortunately continued

To resuscitate!

Those leaving

Their denuded abode behind

Away, who preferred

To stay

‘We will return back

home soon! ‘

Is what

They say.

Happily enough

Mother nature

Affords us a second chance

Imbued with

Environment stewardship

If we are willing to mend

Our wrong ‘Feast today

famine tomorrow! stance.

To dispel the spectre

Of climate change

And systematically face

The global challenge

True to the adage

‘We have either to

swim together

or sink together!

Hence in fighting the challenge

Or adapting to the change

Back scratching,

We have to be on the same page.

Indeed, irrigation must

Not slip our mind

For erratic rainfall

A lasting solution

If we must find.

Once a famous Ethiopian Poet Pro.Debebe Seifu Who had passed away had penned down a picturesque poem lamenting the land degradation, deforestation and change of climate the country was suffering. The bad scenario seemed unrecoverable. Now a days Ethiopia is reversing that sad episode. I have therefore to write a poem on this

#change #trees #erosion #climate #deforestation #enviroment #degeradation #desertification.


The Ethiopian Herald April 14/2024


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