The reform promotes youth-led startup businesses- PM Abiy

Ethiopia is cultivating an environment conducive to youth entrepreneurship, fostering innovative problem-solving businesses. Recognizing the youth as the nation’s engines, brimming with innovative ideas, and according policy support for the ecosystem are vital to translate ideas into reality. Ethiopia gives due focus to achieve these goals.

Despite current challenges, numerous initiatives over the past five years  now have been actively addressing these hurdles, paving the way for abundant opportunities.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) addressing “Startup Ethiopia” discussion forum

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is a living testament to what Ethiopians will accomplish if they are united. The national flagship project has currently reached 95.8 percent.

The GERD is a testament to what Ethiopians will accomplish in unison by overcoming any challenges facing them. To show Ethiopians resilience, this years’ commemoration theme is “Together we can”.

Temesgen Tiruneh, Deputy Prime Minister during the 13th anniversary for the commencement of the construction of GERD

Ethiopia to repatriate 70,000 Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia: MoFA

Ethiopia is finalizing preparations to begin repatriating 70,000 Ethiopian migrants from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ethiopian government is committed to assist Ethiopians who are in difficult situations abroad.

Following a discussion between the government of the two countries, some 70, 000 Ethiopians who are in difficult situation in Saudi Arabia would be repatriated. A national committee, comprised of 16 institutions, is undertaking preparation for the successful repatriation of citizens. The repatriation will start soon.

Nebiyu Tedla, Spokesperson, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia

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