Ethiopia eyeing e-government, e-commerce for digital transformation

Installs over 587 e-governance systems

ADDIS ABABA – Among the digital strategies, e-government and e-commerce are highly contributing to the success of the country’s digital transformation, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MinT) said.

MinT Minister Belete Molla (PhD) made the above remark during the panel discussion held on Tuesday in relation to the performance evaluation forum on mid-term digital transformation 2025.

The Minister madethe statementin line with the country’s development goals,  which includes the Homegrown Economic Reform Agenda thathis organization has been developing and deploying various e-service platforms to offer accessible online services.

Accordingly, he said, the government has undertaken multifaceted activities ranging from policy framework revision to infrastructure expansion, especially from the telecom sector that has greatly contributed to nation’s digital transformation journey in the past three years.

Despite many financial challenges that faced since the launching of digital strategy, he expressed that the country has managed to generate a fruitful achievement.

“Various infrastructure development activities are also made by prioritizing legal frameworks, strategic planning, institutional development, telecom infrastructure expansion in the past three years, thus, attracting a huge amount of local and international investments,” he pointed out.

Moreover, issuing digital ID, applying digital payment systems and delivering financial technology services are among the achievements of thestrategy, he added.

The Ministry has launched over 587 e-governance service and e-commerce platforms, Belete said, adding thatcurrently, pertinent institutions are offering reliable and fast services through deploying digital infrastructures.

“The digital transformation strategy aligned with other key policies is highly believed to contribute to nation’s job creation, forex generation and economic development,” he noted.

As to him, the government is also undertaking various activities on policy framework revision, awareness creation and establishing platforms the support startups to steadfast the development of e-commerce.

Digital infrastructural developments are not the end but they are the means, therefore, it is important to create value addition the help benefit the community. Trained manpower equipped with digital knowledge and skills are required to expand and sustain the digital transformation aspirations, the minister emphasized.



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