Ethiopia to import over 400,000 e-vehicles

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has planned to import over 400,000 e-vehicles as a means to realize sustainable transportation, Ministry of Transport and Logistics (MoTL) disclosed.

MoTL State Minister, Bareo Hassen told the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that considering the successful introduction of 100,000 e-vehicles in the past two years, the government has been carrying out various activities to import 439,000 e-vehicles and establish 2,335 charging stations in compliance with Ministry’s ten years strategic plan of expanding green transport.

“Among others, the government of Ethiopia gives due attention in protecting environment and combating climate change. The government puts only 15% customs duty on fully assembled imported e-vehicles. Likewise, it puts 5% customs charges on partially assembled cars and 0 % customs fee for fully locally assembled e-vehicles,” he stressed.

He added that e-vehicles would play a paramount role in reducing cost, minimizing pollution, and creating comfortable environment for residents.

According to the State Minister, the country budgets over 1.4 billion USD to fuel powered cars each year which cannot adhere to the limited hard currency.

This process not only costed the nation high, but also lowers the quality of fuel as it smuggled by illegal actors, he added.

“Currently, Addis has 60 charging stations whilst it would possess 1,176 charging facilities at the end of the Ministry’s 10 years strategic plan. Similarly, some 1,050 charging stations will be installed in different cities of the country. To realize this, the Ministry is working in close with various stakeholders,” he added.

Bareo underscored that as the nation has adequate renewable energy such as solar power, hydroelectricity, biofuels and the likes, it is a good opportunity to use e-vehicles to protect ecosystem and ensure resilient transportation at large, he noted.



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