Confederation pushes for ILO conventions’ ratification

ADDIS ABABA– The Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions (CETU) said the ratification of ILO 189,190, 97, and 143 conventions would play a critical role in ensuring the rights of employees and deterring human rights violations in the workplace.

The CETU held an advocacy campaign for the ratification of the four conventions that are believed to minimize the human rights violations of domestic and migrant workers in the presence of various government agencies and other stakeholders on Tuesday.

In his welcoming remark, CETU President Kassahun Follo stated that the conventions’ ratification is of great significance to create a safe working environment and protect Ethiopian employees from workplace harassment both in their home country and overseas.

Kassahun also stated that those conventions would ensure the benefits of domestic workers and enable them to get fair salary payments in complying with domestic laws and international conventions that have governed the issue.

According to him, the confederation is working to ratify and implement the four conventions that would improve the conditions of domestic and migrant workers and protect them from workplace sexual harassment and other forms of violence.

“We are urging the government to support the ratification of these conventions and follow up the implementation to bring tangible change in the lives of vulnerable domestic and migrant workers as well as to minimize the victims of workplace violence and harassment.”

ILO Country Director Alexio Musind said, “Ethiopia’s ratification of these conventions  promotes justice for women employees and helps to promote and stop all migrant workers’ discrimination and ensure equitable social justice in the Horn of Africa region as well.”

The director further highlighted that the ILO Convention 189 guarantees and protects workers from violation and its ratification would reduce workplace harassment in Ethiopia and in its neighbor states.

“Owing to its inclusivity, it is the right time for the campaign to be expanded. The conventions facilitate the movement of migrants and domestic workers and protect them from violations and vulnerability.”



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