ENDC begins participant selection at regional level

ADAMA – The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission (ENDC) announced that it has been entering a new chapter of selecting participants at regional level for agenda collection process.

The Commission introduced the selection of regional level participants yesterday in Oromia state in the presence of elders, religious representatives and other segment of the communities.

The participants of various sections of community would select representatives that take place in the discussion and agenda collection process at regional level.

The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commissioner Ambaye Ogato (PhD) said that the Commission has been widely carrying out community outreaching activities so far alongside its main tasks.

He called upon all Ethiopians to be collaborative in this process by understanding its immense importance and to be the owner of the process.

The introduction of district level participant selection or identification to contribute to regional level discussion and agenda collection is a groundwork for national preliminary agendas and participants, he stated.

The activity would continue simultaneously in other districts of the state and across the country, he noted.

“Since we finalized the identification of district level participants, we launched selection of regional level participants for discussion and agenda collection. Some 600 participants would be selected for this purpose from East Shewa zone of seven districts,’’ he said.

So far, he mentioned, the commission has been finalizing the identification of participants at district level in two city administrations and five states.

According to Commissioner, the most important task of the national dialogue is reaching completion in the aforementioned areas.

The remaining difficult task is about widely mobilizing district level participants across the country to conduct successful dialogue, he elaborated.

Ambaye further stated that the ENDC has been accomplishing major tasks of the selection of regional level participants with huge logistics complexity. The agenda collection activity has been also underway so far to make it inclusive.

Hence, the decision making and discussion process requires clear working methodology. As a result, the commission has been trying to put a mechanismin this regard, he added.

Moreover, he urged the participants to select appropriate persons to contribute to successful national dialogue in the long term.



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