University makes bold actions to wheat productivity

BALE ROBE –Madda Walabu University (MWU) has made consolidated efforts to enhance wheat productivity and partnered with relevant stakeholders for the sake of the local community’s benefit, the vice president said.

The university hosted a national research symposium to seek ways of increasing wheat productivity and ensuring food security.

MWU Academic Affairs Vice President Bezabih Wendimu (PhD) mentioned the collaboration with Chemtex PLC and various research entities as the manifestation of the institute’s commitment to increase wheat productivity.

Bezabih further highlighted the university’s active involvement as a key partner in implementing cluster wheat farming methods and providing improved seeds, fertilizers, and other agricultural inputs to nearby districts and local farmers.

In the current harvest season alone, MWU has supported farmers organized in clusters for wheat farming in over 140 hectares of land in seven districts of Bale, West Arsi, and East Bale zones.

“The university is also actively engaged in providing professional support in different areas including crop disease management, pesticide usage, and fertilizer application to local farmers, Bezabih noted.

For his part, MWU President Ahmed Kalil (PhD) mentioned the university’s active engagement in different areas including agriculture, tourism, biodiversity, health and others to the community’s benefit. “In the field of agriculture, we have been working hard to enhance productivity and ensure the supply of farming outputs.”

According to him, the symposium aims to support the university’s aspiration to becoming farming center of excellence. “Additionally, we will offer capacity- building training, monitoring, and technical support to assist farmers and agricultural specialists in utilizing technological advancements.”

The symposium presented more than a dozen research findings and it provides an opportunity to identify possibilities and overcome challenges faced by the sector, the president remarked.



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