PM Abiy addresses current socio-economic, political, diplomacy activities to the HPR

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) on Tuesday 06 February 2024 addressed the queries of the members of the parliaments at the 3rd year 14th Regular Session of the House of People’s Representatives. During the session, he briefed the current political, socio-economic and diplomatic activities of Ethiopia. Here are the main points!


Economic Development

Ethiopia is amongst the world’s fastest-growing economies. This fiscal year, Ethiopia is expected to register a 7.9% economic growth. The country has amassed some 4.5 billion USD in exporting goods and services to the global market in five months.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Ethiopia had generated around 1.5 billion USD in five months from Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The investment projects have created more than one million job opportunities.


During the past five years, Ethiopia has paid over 9.9 billion USD in commercial loans. Ethiopia has not taken any additional commercial loan during the past five years. The rumors that have been circulating about Ethiopia’s loan repayment inability is  baseless.

Pretoria Accord

The Pretoria Peace Agreement immensely benefited the people of Tigray. The agreement enables the people to pursue their daily lives without fear. Thanks to the agreement, social services have already been restored.

The agreement already silenced the guns. Basic services are immediately restored following silencing the guns in the regional state.

The Federal Government’s infrastructure renovation projects that have been undertaken in collaboration with the Tigray Interim Administration have enabled the Tigray people to obtain electricity, health, education, telecommunication, air transport and bank services.

Reconstruction efforts in Tigray

The restoration of airports coasted about half a billion Birr. The restoration of over 1000 km of optical fibers, 475 Mobile Sites and more than 20,000 landlines as well as Ethio telecom’s launching of 4G telecom service in 10 cities at a cost of more than 100 million Birr is another success gained after the Pretoria Agreement.

The National Bank of Ethiopia has injected 10 billion Birr liquidity to 600 commercial bank branches to recommence bank service in Tigray.

Ethiopia, Somalia friendship is deep-rooted

Over the last fifteen years, Ethiopians had paid huge sacrifices than anyone else for the peace and stability of Somalia. Ethiopia has no intention to inflict harm on Somalia as well as on any other country.

The people of Ethiopia and Somalia are bound by blood. Several Ethiopians died for the peace of Somalia. The friendship between the two countries is deep-rooted.

There is no country that paid as much as Ethiopia for the peace of Somalia. The peace of Somalia is Ethiopia’s peace and the development of Somalia has is also important to the development of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s quest for sea access

Ethiopia’s quest for sea access is useful for regional cooperation and integration. Ethiopia, being a true friend of Somalia, doesn’t wish any harm to come upon the latter.

Ethiopia’s diplomatic achievements

Ethiopia becomes full membership of BRICS. Ethiopia’s diplomacy is centered on its national interest, giving priority to relations with neighboring countries.

The country is connected in power grid with Kenya. Efforts are well underway to connect power grid same with Tanzania.

On GERD issue

As always, Ethiopia is ready to listen to the concerns of the brotherly people of Egypt to address the issues to the best of Ethiopia’s ability. Egypt has to reciprocate Ethiopia’s demands, as well.

The claims that Ethiopia’s filling of the GERD will cause the Aswan Dam’s water volume to decrease has been practically disproved. The GERD has proved the fact that there will be no significant damage to the lower riparian countries.

Addressing domestic challenges

The government has focused on devising lasting solutions to domestic challenges. The government’s priority at this time is to answer the public’s demand for development. Government is aggressively addressing the public’s demands.

With respect to infrastructure, he said over 3,200 kilometer roads have been constructed over the past five years in the Amhara region.

Of these, 1,300 kilometers were completed and became functional. The first of its kind bridge in Ethiopia was built with 2.4 billion Birr in the region.

Government’s response to mitigate impact of drought

We are supplying emergency food aids to save lives in all drought-affected areas.

Drought used to recur traditionally every ten years. It recurred every seven years and now every three years, we’re visited by drought in some corridors.

But we are precluding loss of human lives. The drought is just an environmental crisis, but we are mitigating the effects


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