Commission to commence online meeting with Diaspora soon

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ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission (ENDC) announced that it will start online meeting with foreigners of Ethiopian origin, the Diaspora community on 9 December, 2023.

As to the information gained from the Commission, it has already made appropriate preparations and announced that it will hold the first round of online meeting.

The commission also stated that the first round meeting will be held with Ethiopians living in Africa and the Middle East. The meeting will start at 3 pm in the stated period, and the commission called up on the Diaspora Community to be active participants in the meeting as it is determined the future of nation. It means that the meeting is expected to play a vital role in determining crucial factors for Ethiopia, of course with coexistence and unity exercised at home.

The Commission thanked those who had already registered and urged that to patiently wait to attend the webinar prepared for an intended national objective. The commission has also announced to send zoom link for participants through email. Besides, the meeting will be made sustainedin different parts of the world considering the convenient of the local time (time zone), and the date and specific time will be introduced (announced) through commission’s official page.

It is to be recalled that the commission called for an online meeting with foreigners of Ethiopian origin on June 27/2022. However, the meeting was extended for an indefinite period as the commission found it necessary to postpone it for a better preparation and approach.



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